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  1. thank you U2 to return to paris ...
  2. I saw on twitter ... The tour ends ... In Paris. No official information.
  3. Thank you , but i need 2 tickets for Dublin 3 or 4 ...
  4. Do not you go to the concert? I'm looking for, 2 tickets for Dublin 3 or Dublin 4 ...
  5. U2 must return to Paris ... We need you... For the victims of the attacks and injured ... For French fans ... For the French people... For Larry, Adam, for Edge, for Bono ... We are waiting for the great evenings, nights of tributes, unforgettable evenings. Paris is the city of light of freedom...
  6. The first concert will be belfast great emotion ... Those who will be at the concert, thank you to spare a thought for the victims of the attacks and for us French fans. The concert must be beautiful, we think of you. I would have so much to be with you ... Thank you.
  7. U2 come back as soon as possible ... The French fans could do more concerts . We understand the cancellation of the shows. LOVE AND PEACE !
  8. Liberté, égalité, fraternité ... The crying France . The French fans not wanting to party ... U2 also.
  9. Hello, You have two seats side by side? The price for 2 tickets ? Even if I want to preferably two GA... Thank you.
  10. who wants the ticket for half price? I can not go because of my work ...
  11. I lower the price at 100 euros ...
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