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  1. http://www.ticketmaster.ie/venueartist/197033/736365 2 extra dates have been added Friday 10th/Sat 11th Nov Bit annoyed as i would of loved a weekend night but nothing i can do and have to do with Dublin 2
  2. ticket is price level 2 (€111) and it doesent say limited view like the €39 and €81 ones ?? still a long time til the gig but something to look forward too
  3. how restricted will the view be from Block E ?? been there a few times but stage setups were much different
  4. got 1 seated ticket for Tues 6th Nov Block E Row 24 (€118.85), sadly it will have a limited view of the big screen but still a decent enough seat without paying over €200 3rd time seeing the band
  5. 9am or 10am start ??? It says 10am on the TM page but 9am on the front page here ???
  6. what's the exact pre sale link for 2morrow morning ??
  7. only got the chance too log in now, what a show it was last saturday, one of the best ive ever seen Prob wont play Ireland again til 2019
  8. For all of us going Enjoy the show and stay safe. My 2nd u2 show and first in Croke Park My train arrives in Dublin just after 13.10 on Saturday and i plan on heading too Murreys bar on O Connell Street too watch the Hurling match between Clare and Tipp (throwing in at 3pm) and then head onto Croke Park. Looking forward too seeing Noel Gallagher too
  9. so for all of us succesful where are you sitting/standing for the show Im in the Hogan Lower Section 333 Row Q (E201.75 bought the Collectors Ticket in error ah well) cant wait for the show
  10. What's the actually web page for the Croke Park pre sales ???
  11. Nervous as anything for the sale 2morrow morning for the Dublin show Not a fan of that matching pictures thing on TM and this gig will have unreal demand TM god's All I want is 1 stand ticket please lol
  12. Indeed! Judging by the Dublin seat map, that's what they were aiming for Can we assume pitch 1 and 2 is only stadium entrance per comments over the graphic- and not location of your GA ticket (section 1 or 2) ? Confusing to me AFAIK A few sections of the stands may be closed due to the stage layout normally sections 301/302, 336/335,701/702 and 736/735 and 1 or 2 sections connecting the Davin too the Hogan and Cusack stands (The speaker towers would be blocking the view of the stage)
  13. my predictions for when the JT tour is finished Songs Of Experience to come out in the Autumn and then the Joshua Tree tour will head down under for a few shows in Jan/Feb 2018 and the SOE world tour will commence in 2018 and will run up until the middle of 2019 ???
  14. ill stay on safe side and not share my code thanks for the advice guys sitting down with a few cans watching all the videos i took from the 2015 2nd Dublin show, cant wait for this
  15. Looking like i will only be getting 1 seated ticket in the presale So after i hopefully get my ticket could i pass my presale code too someone else and they can get 3 tickets with it ????
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