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  1. Hmm...I clicked "redeem" and "process order" for my 2017 subscription gift (The Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection: 1987 & 2017) months ago. However, when I look at my profile it has a "redeem your gift" button which takes me to a page that wants to charge me $85. I know that this will be shipping in December, but I want to make sure that I will be receiving it. Thanks.
  2. Hi...How much for the red zone tickets?  Thanks.


    1. MichelleVanderloo


      Hello! Where are you located? I would need to find a way to overnight the tickets as I am in VA. 

    2. moonshine


      I am in Buffalo.  You could transfer via Ticketmaster.

    3. Lexie


      I would try it but I thought the RZ tickets are not eligible for transfer via ticketmaster.  I have hard tickets.  If you want them I would be willing to sell them for $150/each. I can ask TM if you want them!  Thanks!

  3. I have one (1) extra ticket for the show this Friday 6/23 at Rogers Centre. You would need to meet me in line before gates open. $90 (face value). Thanks.
  4. Will there be early entry for U2.com subscribers? I would like to get a nice position on the GA floor, but may not be able to stand in line all day.
  5. I am looking for one GA ticket for either night in Toronto. So if your friend drops out or you have a single ticket you want to sell to a longtime fan let me know. I can't afford stub hub prices. Thanks. Driving in from Buffalo.
  6. Why should there be any GA left for public sale when so many of us were shut out during presale? That just is not right!
  7. I have been at it for an hour and section 324 is all that has come up. Very disappointing that all that is available (that I can afford) is upper corner behind the stage. Well 90 minutes in and it is time to throw in the towel. Congrats to the few that beat out the bottom-dwelling scalpers and got GA floors. I will hope for added dates or another leg of the tour.
  8. Isn't it possible for U2 to run their own presale like a few other big groups do? latest from TM: " "We were unable to process your request.Try again later." nice!
  9. yeah...but with GA why not give first shot to as many paying subscribers as possible? Being a member doesn't guarantee tix will be available for you at presale, especially if you weren't an existing member before(experience category). I would take whatever you can get, better than nothing and trying to battle with tens of thousands of people on Monday.
  10. I am going to keep trying, but now it doesn't even give me 300 level seats anymore. Actually now it says NO SEATS at any price are available??????
  11. still no luck...and my code IS working. Only giving me 300 level......GA floor is all I can afford and 300 level is just too far away!
  12. How can this be? Two shows and no public sale yet?
  13. If I renew now (10:10pm EST) will I be able to get tickets through the presale tomorrow?
  14. how much are GA floor tickets?
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