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  1. The seating chart indicates that the tickets in 104 and 105 are all in a premium location, but the seating chart makes no indication that there is a potentially obstructing overhang. You only find that out after the fact once you start to do some research. There is no mention of an overhang when all you have is this to take at face value.
  2. The only tickets that I was offered in the 100s for Red Hill presale for Chicago 2 were the highest rows in section 104. At least I learned here not to take those. Unfortunate that in both Red Hill presales that upper rows of 104 and 105 were the only tickets made available to me for best available.
  3. I found this picture on Twitter by searching Soldier Field 105. It looks pretty representative as it appears to be taken from a high row close to the aisle next to 104, which is where I am.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm way beyond freaked out. This is to be someone's birthday gift and now I can't bear the thought of telling my friends they are the worst possible seats at Soldier Field. I spent almost $1000 for seats and presale access and am sick over this.
  5. Thanks again for your informative post. I posted the same concern in the presale thread to which you so kindly replied. Hopefully a mod could merge the threads or delete my other thread in the presale forum so that's its not a duplicate.
  6. Thanks so much. I'm in Madison, WI, so we're "neighbors." I'm just really upset because I bought tickets for other people, and these "looked" so good when I purchased them (especially since they were deemed good enough to be the paperless tickets). Trying to Google search, I'm only seeing U2 fans posting about this issue, no one is commenting on this situation online about other concerts that are held there (that I could find), so I was starting to have some hope that this perhaps was limited to the 360 Tour and the height/dimensions of The Claw and screens. I'll check out your post(s) in the general sections. Thanks again so much!
  7. I was re-reading posts about the 360 Tour where the overhang at Soldier Field caused obstructed views (and poor sound quality) in the upper rows of the seating of the 100s sections. I got Red Hill presale tickets this morning for section 105, row 17, which is EXACTLY the section and row(s) that were referenced in these posts as being the worst seats. I am heartbroken at the moment that I may have pulled less than optimal seating. I am wondering if this was just an issue because of The Claw stage and would not be an issue with The Joshua Tree stage or if these are really poor seats. Can someone who is familiar with Soldier Field shed some light on this and let me know if these seats are really as poor as has been written by other posters? Thanks.
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