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  1. I just got 2 GA, process of ordering and payment all went well. Good luck everyone
  2. I just renewed mine....just to be sure. Couldn't find the renewal button either......so I tried it another way I visited my account info page (www.u2.com/profile), the next step is to replace /profile for /subscribe (ww.u2.com/subscribe) and you'll be led to the right page for renewal. Hope that wil work for you too :-)
  3. If this presale code thing is a lottery than rethink the verified fan process. I bet a big number of european subscribers made their set up complete just to be safe. They did so because clear instructions about who should/shouldn’t do so were not given. So it might very well be that if you want N-American tickets didn’t get lucky in getting a presalecode while a european subscriber was given a presale code but was never intending to use it. (It’s hypothetical but might be true if so... it’s not fair)
  4. The 2 ticket limit is the least of my worries, getting tickets at all is a big one..... The Innocence Tour had a 2 ticket limit also, so no surprises there....
  5. Well thank you for giving me the rest and peace I need I rechecked my account info and my subscription info miraculously reappeared.....wow.....
  6. Man.... I'm so confused right now. Is someone getting a bonus for making this whole process as difficult (and pricy) as possible? Why can't I see on my profile page the date my current subscription ends? Why should I connect a US TM account even if I won't buy tickets for the North American leg? If this information is only relevant for people buying tickets for the US leg then please....make this clear on the profile page Should we Europeans await special instructions when the European tourdates are announced? (like connecting an European TM account?) If anyone could answer
  7. Yesterday I got tickets for section N as well....tried for an hour though....
  8. I tried Ticketmaster.ie all day, nothing available..... Lucky you !
  9. no Guinness no glory.....luckily we can have a good time even without the Guinness, I'll take any substitute
  10. Thanks Monica, we'll definetely check out the Church.
  11. Happy to see I'm not the only one in distress :-)
  12. It's a psychologic thing..... You have made an emotional connection with U2 and your negative experience with your wife. Whenever U2 is on air you'll probably experience that negative feeling. Try to let it go and try to give it a positive twist....Best of luck!! And if it doesn't work for you, you may have to face the fact that you're simply not into U2 anymore....but hey, there's more to life than that isn't there ???
  13. It's a real bummer to end this way....just giving (false) hope by Principle Management. They should have communicated a live stream wasn't going to happen and explain why.... Now we're left behind with a hangover feeling..... It should have ended like a party one would never forget. Soooooooo disappointed now. Thanks to the mods and everyone else for trying, you make me smile
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