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  1. Yes, Ive got 2 tickets Dublin GA, pitch 1 and I want one ticket for pitch 2. Im gonna arrive in Dublin this thursday.
  2. Yeah there is plenty of rumors now. I also heard that people think that the tickets for 14th and 15th will work for the benefit concert???? All of those things are just rumors and we should just wait and see what happens.... So we will see if the concerts will be in Paris in december or next year....
  3. I would be happy to find GA tickets (fosse) for those two shows! 14th and 15th november. Thanx =) Maria Bono
  4. Yes, Im very interested! I did send you an PM! /Maria Bono
  5. Oh thats nice of you, but I really want GA tickets. Thanx anyway!
  6. Still haven't found what Im looking for...
  7. They are perfectly fine with fans standing outside the hotel wanting them to sign. Privacy is when you go inside the hotel and bother them...
  8. There is tickets now for sale at axs.com, if you haven't got any. Only seated thow, but really good ones! Good luck - I hope you find it! =)
  9. Hi guys! Im looking for one GA ticket each date. Please let me know if you have one. [MOD EDIT: Please, no emails. Use PMs. Thanks] (I already have the trip and hotel... ) Thanx Maria Bono
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