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  1. Sad Day for many hard core fans who are having trouble with GA tickets.....(:

    1. number1


      Indeed fretman7. I've now spent too many hours of my life trying to get GA's during the presale and the public on sale. Was not able to even pull up 1 ticket at any point, but there are hundreds on stubhub, etc. at ridiculous prices. Been to every tour since Zoo TV but may not make this one unless tickets somehow magically become available. 

    2. arsenal65


      It was indeed a sad day for many. I just don't think the secondary market issue can be solved and in trying to solve it, 1,000 more issues were created. Hopefully, long time fans can find their way to shows. 

  2. No, as I used my 2 ticket limit for the LA, California show. It didn’t allow me to purchase the GA ticket in LA. Not happy with this new set up.
  3. Is anybody meeting up anywhere (bar, lounge etc.) before the gates open?
  4. Show 4 of 5 in Los Angeles, California, USA on Sunday, May 31, 2015.
  5. Thank you...... hope to see you guys tomorrow......
  6. U2 fans, if you have two GA tickets do you need to get two numbers or just one number for the line??
  7. It's my first GA experience, any advise from???
  8. Show number 4 of 5, Los Angeles, California, USA
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