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  1. Presale I was right in at 9 am no ga tickets for floor only GA section 500 . It was so confusing because the fucking ticketmaster website gave misleading info. And no explanation of what a GA was and after I picked the tickets the GA dropped from the order. Now it is nose bleed reserved . So misleading and dishonest . Fake media. Disgusted with the corporate bullshit. I had 2 choices the tickets below or GA standing room only section 500 . So cunfusing. On 360 it said GA floor. And it was quite apparent what you were buying. U2.com Wires Group Presale Section 515R Row 2 Seat 9-12
  2. Did you get ga floor I could not see any at all got ga,s in nose bleeds I was in right at 9 am it didn't have GA option it had ga standing room only and ticket master (just called) said that is not for floor it is standing room at higher level , also they had ga seating section 500 that was the only options I could fine what are GA's in the nose bleeds?
  3. I paid 100 for for GA seats , just got off phone with ticket master they said ga standing room only is not the floor . I got ga tickets section 500 seat numbers and all .
  4. I think ga in rogers center for wires just had 500 seats and 500 standing room no floor gas
  5. Are they ga on floor or seating or top of venue ...standing room is not on ground you will be directed to top of stadium stand behind the 500's
  6. Did you get ga floor I could not see any at all got ga,s in nose bleeds
  7. I ended up getting nose bleeds they had no GA floor tickets at all in Toronto. What a waste of time and effort.
  8. Yeah no GA floor tickets at all for Toronto . Terrible . And all this authentication and at check out bull shit about only being able to use credit card and I'd for entry
  9. Hey I am in wires group should it be easy to get GA tickets when sell starts
  10. at rogers in to 35 for ga and 280 for red zone ... not cheap
  11. I would say GA , but if you dont mid standing , and if you want to be close get ready to stand and extra 2 hours in the stadium plus the line outside. so 4 hours before show . If you get up front and show starts and you want to use bathroom , people get pissed off when you try to get back to where you were at front. On 360 at rogers stadium I went to bathroom and got shoved around trying to get back up front. people accused me of lying and budding in. Guy shoved me. i was nice and did'nt hurt him. Plus there was some older guy with his teen age boy friend whom was wacked out on drugs causing
  12. I was wondering how easy it is to score GA tickets on second round of presale in wire group. My question is based on your previous experiences.
  13. I am in wires group not sure why this is my 5th year as member but who cares. Anyhow does anyone know if I sign in first thing on thursday 9am sharp should I be able to get GA tickets or not?
  14. Want Toronto tickets [MOD EDIT: Please use PMs. thanks]
  15. Toronto tickets wanted [MOD EDIT: Please use PMs. thanks]
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