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  1. Love with a heartfelt bombing of ISIS targets is the only way. You cannot convert pure evil with love alone; it never works and only conveys weakness and opens us to more attacks.
  2. Unless TM has changed their policy, you must enter using the CC that you purchased the tickets with AND with all members of your party at the same time. I know that NY had some kind of law or venue policy that actually required PAPER tickets last tour. As an aside, the VISA that I originally used was compromised and I was issued a new one with a different number and it worked fine.
  3. Yes, don't we all just love TicketBastards, sorry, TicketMaster. Here is the scoop on my past experience. Credit Card access requires you to use the credit card you purchased the tickets with to enter the venue and all people must be there at the same time. They will NOT work with you on this unless they have changed their policy for this tour. Last tour, I got stuck on a business trip in Asia and had to FedEx my credit card to a friend (which was costly) who had to drive down to the venue to let some U2 fans in (which was also costly). Who was the genius who thought this system up? And to add insult, TicketFleecers, sorry, TicketMaster, will not let you resell these types of tickets even on THEIR exchange .... which makes absolutely ZERO sense to me because everyone would win ----- you get some of your capital back (after getting stiffed for buying AND selling fees), a fan gets to see the show at cost, and TicketMonopoly, sorry, TicketMaster, gets their second round of fees for brokering the deal. So, the workaround, if you want to call it that, is to do what SCALPERS have figured out --- HELLO U2 ARE YOU LISTENING?. Simply put the tickets on a prepaid VISA card. Now there is some risk to this: (1) if you split up your purchases who knows what might happen to your code for the next sale.....I would not take the risk, (2) I have heard "rumors" that some venues will ask for ID but there is NO name on the card, so okay, how does that work and does some guy or gal making $10 and hour who is checking at the venue really care?, (3) unless you buy from a reputable reseller, not many people are going to trust even the most trustworthy person to buy a prepaid card that has your ticket "embedded" on the mag stripe! So if U2 is reading this please listen to your fans and return to paper tickets. Stop the insanity, it is only adding more stress to the fan. "Please"
  4. But it does NOT cut down on scalping and puts stress on the ticket holder. If I buy tickets for a show in July and cannot make it or am on a business trip in Asia, tell me what I can do? Life happens and events that far in the future can result in conflicts. What if most of my friends and family don't like U2 (which is the case). Do I just eat the tickets and they go to waste? Or do I try to resell them and pay a family member to to go the venue, collect the $$, and let the person in, then send my card back to me. YES, that is what happens. This is beyond stupid. Unless you get creative and put them on a pre-paid VISA you are fuc*ed, and that itself is time consuming and I have heard of venues that will not accept them or if they do they need a photo ID. And if you sell to a fan and they have problems, then what? Why can't I at the very LEAST just sell them back to Ticketmaster at cost with fees? I would love to hear someone address that. Let supply and demand rule; get out of the way. Scalpers will still find ways and it just puts the fan in a bad spot. U2 is obviously not listening to their fan base on this. I think the message was loud and clear last tour but obviously fell on deaf ears.
  5. Maybe you got lucky and Mass requires paper tickets. This was the case for NY last tour.
  6. Follow the money and you will see U2's trail to the Clinton's, Pelosi, and some of the dirtiest politicians on the planet. Sorry Bono, but I completely lost respect for you. You completely ignored Hillary's criminal activity as well as Bill's. At Dreamforce, you took what Trump said out of context, just like your Hollywood cohorts. You are trying to influence an election in a country that made you rich, but that you are not a citizen of. Continue to fund the Clinton's with money that you made from your fans as much as you want. I would love to sit down with you and have a critically thought out debate with you. Otherwise, if you continue on these one-sided rants, I suggest that you post your cited sources for your "facts" on U2.com for us all to see. Good day.
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