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  1. Wells Fargo Center is in the same sports complex as Lincoln Financial Field; it's just across the street from the stadium. Security has not allowed fans to camp overnight, but in the past there has been a small set up of fans (1-3 people) about a block so southwest of the stadium that remains there all night. The individual people who are there changes, since fans take turns/shifts "manning the queue." I guess you could be in that group of people, if you arrive early enough to the queue and volunteer to stay there. It's a sketchy area though, and there's no place for a tent or anything; it's l
  2. MEET-UP HAS BEEN CHANGED TO PLANET FITNESS PARKING LOT AT 6:00AM. (8509 Landover Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20785)
  3. There is no cheaper parking at the stadium. I suggest you park for $15 at the Morgan Boulevard Metro Station, then walk 20 mins to the stadium.
  4. In my experience, it is uncommon for stadiums to do more than let fans queue up on the hot pavement next to port-a-johns all day. You are correct that the Pavillion is not actually within the stadium's walls, and that once you are numbered/wristband-ed by security you can come and go as you like. Unfortunately, you do have to receive those numbers/wristbands as an entire group.
  5. UPDATE: There is an unofficial, fan-initiated GA queue at FedEx Field right now. If they are forced off stadium property by security, they will regroup in the parking lot of a nearby Planet Fitness at 8509 Landover Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20785. If the queue is moved, then the meeting place for the GA Ticket Exchanges/Sales will also be moved to the same Planet Fitness. The meeting time will remain at 6:00am.
  6. FedEx Field says: If you or anyone in your party requires ADA seating or assistance, please report to any Guest Services booth. ADA seating is limited and distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  7. Thanks, friends. I don't drink, but I wouldn't turn down a bottle of water once we're on the floor in the pit!
  8. There is a limit, but only because of the capacity of the Pavillion. If I'm remembering correctly, I think the first 2,000 will be admitted to the Pavillion. Pre-Screening can occur even after 2,000, but I assume those pre-screened after 2,000 will not be permitted into the Pavillion until the first group exits.
  9. @deflep6202 Checking on that for you. I'll let you know when I find out.
  10. GA UPDATE THE FANS: There is indeed already a GA queue for the DC show, which fans started last night (6/18) at FedEx Field. They are set up in the Purple parking lot across from the stadium's Budlight Pavillion, roughly at marker G10. As of 12:00pm on Monday (6/19), there were roughly 80-90 names on the list. Fans can show up and be numbered anytime. There is a check-in scheduled for 7pm-10pm this evening (6/19). After checking in, fans are being asked to return to the queue at 6:00am tomorrow (6/20). The fans plan to remain at that spot until 8:00am tomorrow, at
  11. @deflep6202 According to the guy in charge there (VP of Operations @ FedEx Field), you and your party will have to go to one of the "Ticket Resolution" centers (Gates A & E) and explain your situation. There, they should print out hard tickets for everyone in your party. You will use those hard tickets to enter through your respective gates when the time comes. Hope this helps!
  12. @Wooster_123 There are no restaurants or shops near the stadium. However, the GA queue will be ushered into the "Budlight Pavillion" at 12:00pm on show day. There are consessions and shops there.
  13. @bonoluvliz I have just been informed that there ARE people queuing up for the D.C. show. However, this afternoon I spoke with the VP of Operations at FedEx Field, and he reiterated that fan-initiated numbering/queuing will not be honored by the venue. I'll look into this fan-initiated queue and update you with info as I get it.
  14. @mogreenman @1978pooh I asked venue security about your particular situations. They told me that you will NOT be able to enter the GA queue without your entire party being present when you are wristbanded/numbered. It stinks. I'm sorry.
  15. I understand that many stadiums are lax in checking IDs. I'm just telling you what the people at FedEx Field told me. I have the impression that they will be more fastidious about checking IDs than other venues.
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