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  1. Wells Fargo Center is in the same sports complex as Lincoln Financial Field; it's just across the street from the stadium. Security has not allowed fans to camp overnight, but in the past there has been a small set up of fans (1-3 people) about a block so southwest of the stadium that remains there all night. The individual people who are there changes, since fans take turns/shifts "manning the queue." I guess you could be in that group of people, if you arrive early enough to the queue and volunteer to stay there. It's a sketchy area though, and there's no place for a tent or anything; it's l
  2. habs6011,

    How do I not know you yet? We've been to so many of the same shows, probably standing within the same 3 square yards, we both live on the NOVA side of the DC Metro area. It seems odd that I don't know you -- or maybe I do, and I just haven't put your face together with your U2.com handle. Anyway, thanks for checking up on the parking situation at FedEx field for us. You seem like the kind of person who should run the GA line that day. Thoughts? Need a partner?

    Yvonne Carpenter (evilgenius)

    1. habs6011


      Hi Yvonne, Thank you for writing me. Im sure we have at least seen each other if we have been to as many of the same shows. and who knows maybe we will run into each other next month. I will be in Pittsburgh, Philly and DC. Im still trying to find out more info for the GA line at Fedex field. No luck so far. The bad news is I will not be able to queue all night and day for this one. I live too far away now to be able to commit my time to that this year. As for being the kind of person to run the GA line, I wouldnt wish that on anyone to be honest. I think the venue security should be the ones to do that, not fans. Just my opinion. haha. 

      if you are going to any of the shows im going to let me know and I will try to meet up with you. :-) 

      Steve Trapani 

  3. This is a steak my husband ordered. I promise it came this way, which is why I took a photo of it. Is it time for 360 yet?
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