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  1. ...and a certain cast of recurring characters that will remain nameless, I'd bet.
  2. still looking for 2 ga's for atlanta show if anyone ends up with extras... thanks!

  3. I normally wouldn't. With this new verified fan BS and the way other artists are doing it, I took a chance that buying from here might help my chances for ticket verification. Not sure it had anything to do with it, but I was in innocence group and had no problem getting a code or my GA tickets...
  4. I have been discussing that with a friend for years! There's great audio of them singing together at an early 80's Simple Minds gig on youtube... check it out.
  5. I'm loving it. Although I find it lame that pre-ordering the LP from u2.com couldn't (or wouldn't) ship it to arrive by street date. I could have ordered from any other on-line retailer and had it delivered today (for cheaper, I'm learning) I won't get until Monday. Very weak...
  6. Just FYI... looks like tickets are available now for Atlanta with no code. I just checked, you can get 2 tickets at the $175 price point still, but it looks like nothing but $175 or $329 are available.
  7. Congrats! From what I'm seeing, you're one of the lucky few.
  8. Did anyone manage to score GA tickets anywhere for general onsale?
  9. Exactly. In the 30+ years I've been seeing them, I've never been shut out and NEVER paid a scalper. Keep watching here, and at worst case scenario, go to your venue early day of show. You'll almost definitely find a fan with an extra ticket that just wants to recoup their cost!
  10. Keep the faith. It always works out. I've always ended up with a ticket. And over the years I've just shown up in cities day of show and found either box office ticket drops or a fan that had an extra to sell at face value...
  11. I believe thats just for accounting/tracking purposes. Most venues with GA have row and seat numbers on tickets these days...
  12. I'd wait it out. Show up at venue the day of the show. There will be real U2 peops with extra tickets that will be happy to offer them up for what they paid for them. Tried, tested & true since Joshua tree 87... Done it for nearly every tour.
  13. Maybe it was easier on my end because my venue wasn't ticket master. I dunno...
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