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  1. it was kind of startling, hearing her voice come out of my kindle
  2. I left it up on the tablet I was watching it on, and they are
  3. Walk On. and the crowd singing along..... omg Serious, Bono should rewrite this song for 2020 - it wouldn't take much, but we could use it. "and I know it aches, and your heart it breaks, you can only take so much..."
  4. How did that girl manage to not have a nervous breakdown?
  5. Bad-40-Streets Goosebumps & tears. Who needs drugs? This song combo, this show, has me feeling better than any artificial thing could.
  6. I arranged my workweek so I could log out at 12:30, time to eat lunch before this. Not really party time. But I did have a great big chocolate chip cookie. And I'm trying to watch this and the West Wing marathon at the same time. Both of my dream worlds.
  7. My I Will Follow story: My dad worked for Aramco, I was there visiting (they didn't let American teens live there). I was in a tape shop & I heard that riff coming from a store across the street and I somehow found myself in that store, saying "I need that. Now." This was in a store, and there were blocks of these stores -- it never entered my mind that they were bootlegs. I thought if it was wrong, they'd hide or something. The guy in the shop said to come back in an hour, and I had my first U2 album. Yes, I later bought a legit copy -- probably when I was in college and understood t
  8. Me too. I've always said the notes of it wrapped them selves around my spine & pulled me in.
  9. And I have to turn the sound down. I can't listen, it breaks my heart too much. I can never do the sad ones.
  10. Yes - that! It's the joy he had playing it.
  11. Adam's pants! They're gorgeous. and they look comfy.
  12. I'm trying not to scream out loud, don't want to alarm the neighbors. El-E-Va_Tion!!!!!
  13. I loved his hair when it was kind of stand-uppy
  14. Are we still on the Q&A? Or should I re-start?
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