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  1. Agreed. To me, the colored vinyl records have been the worst offenders, at least in the case of Pop and Zooropa. They should have been released concurrently with the standard black vinyl. Given how close the colored vinyl came out after the regular stuff, it was either poor planning or an outright money grab. I'll give U2 credit for the albums like TUF, HTDAAB, and NLOTH that had the colored editions released right out of the gate with the standard re-releases. I long for proper deluxe versions of Rattle and Hum, Zooropa (I know AB20 kind of covered it, but I think there's more opportunit
  2. 1 - The Blackout 2 - Lights of Home (St Peter's String Version) 3 - You're the Best Thing About Me 4 - Every Breaking Wave 5 - Cedarwood Road 6 - Raised By Wolves 7 - Summer of Love 8 - Volcano 9 - This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now 10 - Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way 11 - The Troubles
  3. I'm sure they have a pretty good idea of what they want to drop in from each tour, but I want to submit the following requests from E&I anyway. The Blackout, Lights of Home, All Because of You, Zoo Station, Dirty Day, Elevation, Even Better Than the Real Thing, Desire, Vertigo, Staring At the Sun, and You're the Best Thing About Me. I know some of those were replacements for others on each leg (EBTTRT replacing Desire, for example), but they'd be nice touches. I didn't go to I&E, but if Cedarwood Road, Bad, All I Want Is You, Zooropa/Streets, and 40 made the cut, there
  4. Interestingly enough, I thought WOWY was one of the highlights of TJT30, and while I do like the song, it's pretty middle-of-the-road on my best-of rankings. As far as it having power and energy, I can see it maybe having the first, but it has never been a song from which I would expect energy. It's a mellow song.
  5. I love the idea of a rarities collection. Some of us missed the boat on the The Complete U2 digital box set from iTunes, and while I've been able to pick up singles here and there and the AB box set, it would be nice to have those brought back along with some of the remixes from recent years like those on Artificial Horizon.
  6. I posted this on another site, so my apologies if some of you are seeing this twice, but I just wanted to share some thoughts. My full-fledged U2 kick hit about this time last year (maybe a little later) when I saw that U2's albums had gone on sale on iTunes leading up to the 30th anniversary re-release of the Joshua Tree. I had purchased the Perfecto Remix of Mysterious Ways and the Fish Out of Water remix of Even Better Than the Real Thing from the deluxe edition of Achtung Baby, and I decided to pay the few extra dollars to complete the album. I owned the original version of it and enj
  7. This album was definitely the Adam and Larry show. "The Blackout" may be Adam's signature song. The bass just thunders on that one. I only wish The Edge would have brought the guitar parts to go with the stellar rhythm section. I might have a more favorable opinion of the album in that case.
  8. Interesting that you bring up One. I'd be glad to see it gone entirely as it's never really had a rest ever, save for that one I+E show. I realize the significance of it for the bad, as well as its enduring popularity, makes that unlikely, however.
  9. Top requests: - Zoo Station - Last Night on Earth - All I Want Is You (for my wife) Second tier: - I Fall Down - Surrender - Hawkmoon 269 - Gone - Mysterious Ways - Love and Peace or Else - Dirty Day - Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car - Some Days are Better Than Others - Kite Other assorted goodies: - A Sort of Homecoming - Trip Through Your Wires - Where the Streets Have No Name - Even Better Than the Real Thing - Discotheque - Do You Feel Loved
  10. LNOE and Gone are high on my wishlist, but Discotheque and DYFL would also be pretty welcome additions. I would hardly expect all four, of course, but those are my four requests ranked.
  11. Interesting you brought up those Justin Timberlake prices. My wife wants me to take her to a Justin Timberlake concert, but took one look at the prices for this upcoming tour and said, "...but not this time around." I agree that some U2 tickets are pretty steep and I sure as heck wouldn't pay them, but my tickets to Paul McCartney that had me on the second seating level in the Amalie Arena in Tampa at the far end of the stage were more than double the price of the U2 GA tickets for TJT30 and this one. It's demand that drives these prices as much as anything, so I don't really have any qualms a
  12. I'm going to try to balance realism with my wishlist: 1) The Blackout 2) You're the Best Thing About Me 3) Song for Someone/13 blend 4) All I Want Is You (Walk to the Water snippet) 5) A Sort of Homecoming 6) City of Blinding Lights OR Love and Peace or Else (if the latter, drop it behind LNOE) 7) Elevation OR Beautiful Day Every Breaking Wave 9) Get Out of Your Own Way *Intermission/Kendrick Lamar interlude to e-stage portion) 10) American Soul 11) The Fly OR EBTTRT 12) Zoo Station 13) Mysterious Ways 14) Dirty Day OR Stay 15) Gone 16) Last Night on Earth 1
  13. Thank you! Now here's hoping that something similar will come about on June 18th in DC! LOL
  14. Sykoo, if they cut the SOI songs, I won't be particularly upset. I included them as an expectation, but definitely not as a wish-list item. Even if they got replaced with one of the standards that I had suggested cutting or if it meant that some songs I suggested as part of rotations both got played, that would be fine with me. As far as an AB tour, I think that's a wish so many of us have after the TJT experience, but it would be 100% nostalgia and probably destroy their argument that the TJT tour was inspired by events going on in the world. I do buy the argument that recent world event
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