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  1. I'm thinking this ever more. I don't understand why I must go in GA if I've bought RZ!?! The point would be, to get closer to the B stage while they are performing that far away from the RZ areas
  2. That's what I was wondering......can you leave RZ for general GA at any time and come back to RZ?
  3. Anyone know if RZ ticket holders can access the general GA areas during the show?
  4. Why do you think they are will call? As far as I know, all RZ (and GA) tix everywhere in the US are CCE, which is different (e.g., you never actually get any physical tickets at all--rather, you show the credit card you bought them with, and are let in immediately). Supposedly, if they are CCE, there is no way to sell them to anyone else, period (except maybe 1 ticket to whoever you're going with--and you yourself would still have to attend/go in yourself). Of course, lots of folks (like yourself) are in difficult situations, precisely because CCE tix cannot be sold or transferred (except the "plus one" thing as above), and the moderators here are trying to work out some kind of solution. My order page on my Ticketmaster account states: "Your tickets are being held at the venue's box office for pick up day of the event"
  5. I have 1 extra Red Zone ticket for the U2 shows on May 26th and May 27th. I would sell you them at face value, but you'd have to meet me at the Forum box office the day of the shows to get the tickets.
  6. No, the shows I have RedZone tickets for (May 26th and 27th) at the Forum in LA are Will Call only...that's why I'm not sure how I could sell them, unless someone actually met me outside the venue on the night of each show. I believe they are indeed hard tickets, but cannot be picked up until the day of the show.
  7. Thanks, will let you guys know. I contacted Ticketmaster, and their resell option is not available for RedZone tix.
  8. I have 1 Red Zone ticket for May 26th, and May 27th U2 shows at the Forum (LA) that I will not be able to use. How can I sell/transfer these tickets to someone at face value if they are being held at Will Call? I would hate for them to go to waste.
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