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  1. Am I too late to join the list?


    Thanks, Nancy (follow)

  2. Make sure you send your mailing address to u2christmas@gmail.com
  3. Hello Hello! What is the U2 Christmas Card Exchange? For the past 20+ years U2 fans around the globe have been sending Christmas cards to one another. Yes, REAL physical mail, postage stamps and all! What is required? By “Getting on your Boots”, you will agree to physically send out at least 20 cards to the list that will be provided to you. Yes, YOU need to send out cards! (Please don’t participate if you aren’t promising to send out cards, that’s not fair) This is your opportunity to share your love of U2 with fans, and celebrate the season. Since this is a global group, any seasonal card can be sent, and not limited to just a Christmas card. As Bono says, “we are ONE, but not the same”. Let’s get to know each other, and share our love of U2! If you are interested in participating in the 2020 Christmas Card Exchange send email to u2christmas@gmail.com You must include in the email: Full name, and mailing address: Street address, City, State, zip code Country Emails need to be received by November 16,2020. I will send out the list on November 18th, 2020. Feel free to copy and paste this in your other U2 groups, the more people who participate, the more fun this becomes! Any questions? email U2christmas@gmail.com ONE, deb
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