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  1. Yeah I got 2 GA's within 5 minutes of innocence opening
  2. I did get a code and ended up with tickets to the Boston show, although they are basically the worst seats possible, last row of the limited view balcony seats. Honestly though Im just happy to be inside the building at this rate with all the bs going on with everything surrounding this tour. Hoping they announce another date so I can try for GA or at least some better seats for my dad as a christmas gift.
  3. So for the innocence presale I got an email the night before with information, and I figured I would check to see if there was an email sent out today. I haven't received anything, but in the email confirming I had registered for tomorrows onsale ticketmaster said to plan on hearing from them again on the 19th (today). Has anybody here gotten an email from them today? Im hoping to see if I'm in the dark or if they haven't started sending them out yet.
  4. Havent talked to a single person that saw a ga ticket for Boston as part of innocence. They apparently released some for the Citi presale, but it looked to me yesterday that innocence just got what was leftover from experience.
  5. If by batches you mean releasing more for every presale we all assumed so, but it appears to a lot of people as if they did not release many, if any floor tickets to shows for the innocence group today. I've seen two people total on the forums that bought floor tickets as part of the innocence group, along with a whole lot of people that didn't even sniff ga.
  6. Im not sure where you're seeing that as I cant see any of the sale times on ticketmaster, however if you go to http://www.u2.com/soe_na which is the advertising for the tour before you enter the site, underneath where it talks about the presale it says "Verified Fan Onsale/Monday November 20" and then has the link to register. Either way I registered because as far as I can tell they didn't even offer ga to innocence members for the Boston show.
  7. It IS the general onsale. Not a presale.
  8. I dont know why people keep calling it a presale, It is not a presale, it is the general public onsale. Unlike in the past any fan, even for public onsale fans have to register for the ticketmaster verified sale. That is why people refer to it as a presale, however it is not a presale at all, like I said it is the general public sale.
  9. Ive been trying on 3 different devices and nothing, but I dont have anything better to do so Im gonna keep trying for at least the next half an hour and update if anything changes, though I doubt it with how this presales been run
  10. I had been checking with the tickets available for the boston show since yesterday and it looks to me like they just left the same exact tickets, let alone the fact that it took several minutes to even be given the option to enter an innocence code, and since GA for boston was sold out during the experience sale it looks like they screwed innocence members. Did anyone with innocence get GA for boston today or was it already gone when you got in?
  11. Okay thanks a lot for clearing that up, I was worried when I saw GA sell out for a bunch of the venues. Now I just get to worry about whether or not I'll actually get a code or if I'll get screwed tomorrow.
  12. I am in the innocence group and without an experience code can view the tickets available for Boston on ticketmaster, so i was looking to get an idea of the prices, but it looks like theres not a ton of General Admission left due to the lighter shade of blue for GA. Will they re-stock and at least add more GA tickets before the innocence presale tomorrow or do we only get access to whatever was left after the experience presale?
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