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New Members Introduction Thread


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Hello again everyone, Sorry I haven´t posted much in awhile in this clubhouse. Sorry for the long "vacation".

I´ve lost that old log-in and had to sign-in once again.


First , I would like to once again thank U2 for the great new record, they sure know how to treat us fans

with some special VIP treatment - A whole wonderful FREE record! Thank You guys.

Love the new music.  As Larry Mullen Jr. once said, "It´s a musical Journey" , and since I have been listening

to U2 since 1984, this has been a great musical journey over the years. I hope it will never end.



Some friends around here want me to post for you U2 fans here some of my U2 wallpapers.

Sure, I don´t mind doing that. They are all Free and for you to enjoy them.

Over the years I have had a great time creating some of these for myself and

also to share with internet friends. I am happy you like them.

I´m uploading all of the old wallpapers I have made and also some new things for you.


You can see and download ALL of the wallpapers in a size 1280 x 960 from

my Photobucket folder...

- http://s904.photobucket.com/user/lrrmullen2/library/?sort=3&page=1


I hope you enjoy them and I will be uploading a lot more new wallpapers in

the next few days and weeks. Thank you for your requests.

 Thank you also to all the many cool U2 fans  for sharing your U2 goodies with me.

You are great friends!




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