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    The 90's baby!!!
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    No space for my favourite 100+
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    Red Rocks in my Ma's living room 1985
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    Glastonbury 2011
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    Glastonbury 2011
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    Got to be sour puss or maybe the butler!?
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  1. No longer required for me as my wife has decided she's happy just to do the Friday.
  2. Looking for 1 GA ticket for Glasgow Saturday 7th November. Will pay Face value and give whoever helps me out 2 X GA tickets for Imagine Dragons on the 20th November in Birmingham free as a thank you. Let me know if you can help!!
  3. Got 2 Glasgow GA tickets with my pre-sale code with only one small hitch which was not a U2.com issue (Ticketmaster playing up with my windows browser). Having had such an easy experience I'm glad I keep my membership every year. Pre-sale aside the sites has had excellent members gifts for the last 5 years which I personally feel is worth the membership on its own. Every tour since Vertigo the same complaints flood the site and most of the people that make them disappear and never return, which is a shame as there is some truly great members here and I've been very privileged to meet a few of them who've become great friends. Are U2 in bed with Ticket scalping? Are they pish! Facts of life scalpers make good money easily from top bands/artists touring and they rip loads of other fans off, it just feels more painful when it's a band/artist we follow ourselves. I wasn't too keen on Paperless ticketing, but I'd be quite happy to do it all the time if it stopped greedy folk robbing genuine fans of a ticket to something they love. Glastonbury has had the right idea for years, picture on your ticket no issue with scalpers, maybe it is time for a real big overall of the live ticket market!!!
  4. Ticketmaster pulled a fast one. General sale was open at 08:57 to buy. I would say GA went within those early minutes.
  5. Got my 2 X GA no bother at all for Friday night and will grab another in the General for the Saturday night first thing tomorrow morning. I really like The Hydro, it's a great venue, very easy to get to and gives great acoustics. Now just a year to put in
  6. That's not goner happen for you. Tickets are paperless and can not be traded or re-sold!!
  7. 30th April 1989 16 years old. A close friend of mine has a spare ticket to The Mission Lockerbie Appeal Benefit gig at Carlisle Sands Centre due to another friend of his being grounded for some reason that I can not recall and offers it to me! I'm thinking might as well take up the offer as I'm not doing anything better and I had never ever been to see a band live before so I was in. At this point in my teenage years I was a short back and sides, triple denim, doc martins possible Bros lookalike, so when we arrived and I was swamped by the Goth army it was a bit intimidating and just before the show we were in the bar area and an older girl shouted at me in front of loads of other people 'Bros isn't on tonight ya know' which spurred my discomfort a bit further. However once the gig was in action my discomfort disappeared with a bang and I was just like everyone else in the room, a music lover being blown away by a great band playing amazing live tracks. Musically the gig changed my life, but it also signalled the end of my school years and some of the best friends I ever had! And even though it was a first time amazing experience for myself, I sometimes look back with a tinge of sadness due to the connection to the Lockerbie Disaster and the friends that have left my life since then. Not got any photo's as it was back in the day when you lived the experience from memory, not how many times you can stick your camera phone in the air & that's probably why it's a gig I remember so well. This was the set list; Beyond the Pale Wasteland Butterfly on a Wheel Serpent's Kiss Like a Hurricane Amelia Belief Kingdom Come Deliverance Tower of Strength The Crystal Ocean Sacrilege 1969 Grapes of Wrath Mr. Pleasant Child's Play Pretty Vacant Shelter From the Storm Rain Shelter From the Storm And a bit of video, old skool of course. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrHKV1VW8fc&feature=youtu.be #unforgettablegig
  8. Read this over at Facebook and my opinion is the following: Having read this, I'm now certain that there will be 2 very different versions of the new album. 1st the apple release for there relevancy quest and secondly the physical for your more concerning U2 fan. One things for sure, apple must be making a fortune this week with all U2's back catalogue hitting there top 100, with most being in the top 20.
  9. Iris, Cedarwood Road, Volcano and Raised By Wolves are becoming standouts for me. Also really liking California, can see this one as a single. I'm giving it 7/10, reason being is it feels like 3 or 4 different albums while you're listening to it, it just doesn't gel as a whole. With that said I really think there's something for everyone on it and I imagine some tracks live will be a very different kettle of fish.
  10. Haven't looked - not a mention at all? Surprising. They usually cover everyone humanly possible! check the last page of the booklet... This album is dedicated to Paul McGuinness who was, and always will be, there for us.
  11. Nice dedication in the booklet: This album is dedicated to Paul McGuinness who was, and always will be, there for us.
  12. Amazing that they've given it out for free, but massive publicity is guaranteed, having spoken with a couple of others I think another album mid tour is a definite. Really love Iris.
  13. Just got the all will be revealed email from U2.com !!!
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