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  1. Of course I know it's a tabloid and probably completely made up. I was just curious to what was said, as it was on the front page, so they were making it out to be something big.
  2. Hi, I saw there was a front page article in the Irish Daily Start the other day saying something along the lines of - Paul McGuinness says that U2 will not tour again because of Covid. Probably not the best source of truthful articles, but I was just wondering what it said. Does anybody know? I couldn't find anything online, apart from a photo of the front of the paper. Thanks D
  3. You just know there's gonna be a bluray edition in the shops soon after the fanclub dvd. Plus you can bet there will be a collectors edition platinum version in a box, like everything else U2 release these days. It's just like concert tickets, you get standard tickets and then the enhanced packages that cost loads more. That's how Livenation make their money, squeezing every last penny they can out of the fans, cause they know full well fans will buy it. It's just the way the industry is gone now that the albums don't sell as much as they used to because of streaming etc. However I just wish Livenation would listen to fans and try to provide a better experience with the money fans pay out.
  4. I hope it's something on double vinyl. Would be cool to get a JT17/19 gig, or a collection of the tracks played on these tours. Or maybe a release of other tracks played on the 2015 / 2018 tours. It doesn't really bother me how long it takes to get these releases, they always turn up at some stage. The packaging and production can take time, so I'd rather wait and have something that looks and sounds great, rather than it be rushed and looking really cheap and amateurish.
  5. Maybe Livenation who make so much money out of U2 fans through ticket sales, merchandise and the fanclub should look at a fair system that generates random GA line numbers for fans that want to line up early on the day of the show. They could have one person policing it, like they do with RZ, It could be done on an app maybe? It would save loads of hassle like we are seeing now, people can just spend their time visiting the city that they have travelled to without having to do check ins. Plus the band would mostly see fresh faces on the front row every night, instead of the same ones that they see over and over.
  6. Really hope they change it up with the rest of the setlist. Although I was lucky enough to see the IE and EI tours quite a few times, I'd be really glad to see them played alongside the JT. Maybe some innocence stuff before and experience after the JT main set. I'm sure though they won't drop stuff like Beautiful Day, One, Vertigo or Elevation. Some of the AB stuff from the Experience tour could fit nicely either. But whatever they do it'll still be a great show.
  7. I'll be up at 2am Tuesday to try and get a Sydney ticket. Just need to book flights now.
  8. Tour poster spotted on the street in Adelaide for 19th November show.
  9. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/No-Line-On-The-Horizon-Ultra-Clear-Coloured-Vinyl/60WL0000000
  10. There is a number on the email for the RZ co-ordinator, but I've deleted my email as I have already been to that show. Maybe you should call TM IE if that's who you bought the ticket from? Or maybe someone else on here can give you the phone number from their email.
  11. Yeah I did, I got there early though as I wanted to get the front barrier in RZ, next to the GA bit. I only queue out on one show per tour these days, so I get RZ when I do. I got there at 8.30am. But I had a nice day cause I met other cool fans and the day went quickly. The only thing that annoyed me a bit was that there is a camera that goes up and down right in front of Edge and that got in the way a bit. I could have got barrier on the catwalk not far from the stage in GA, but I did that in 2015 when I got RZ, so I didn't want to do it again. They let in 200 GA people before the RZ people, so there's no chance of getting front row in GA by that stage, or e stage barrier. Second night in London I stayed near where Adam pops up in Pride, so I had a good view of main stage, barricage and e stage. For the LA shows I wandered around both nights and enjoyed that too. So I feel happy with the places I've been so far. For the last night in Dublin I'm just gonna get there when the doors open and hopefully I can be somewhere good where I can see most of what goes on.
  12. My email for the London RZ came through literally a week before, so I'm sure you should get it any time. Maybe this evening.
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