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  1. Wembley Arena 2nd June Wembley Stadium 11-12 June Dublin Croke Park 27 June 1987 (met Bono at his Martello Tower home in dun laoghaire in the morning, and failed to tell him it was my 19th birthday), some bloke climbed up on the stadium roof...
  2. it'll very likely be announced within a week or two, same as all the other tours since 1987 .... To my knowledge no major U2 tour has missed Scotland (whether Edinburgh Murrayfield or Glasgow Ibrox) since the early 1980's ... of course, forgetting the stunning LoveTown tour just as strange is how often Australia/NZ get left off major tours, but who cares about them kangaroos anyway
  3. Here's my JTT story: I went on a coach tour to Dun laoghaire and stayed in a hotel there before the Saturday night Croke Park concert... In the morning, went to Bono's house (that martello Tower), waled up to the door, and yes, he was in... So I had a little back and forth with one of his family members (you know the type of thing I was at Milton Keynes The Longest Day in June 1985, and Bono said Next time you're in Dublin, you can ask for me, and I'm in Dublin, AND I'M ASKING FOR BONO (I should mention that I was just turned 18, and shouldn't have been let out of the hous
  4. Hi, So I have just bought GA tickets for London O2 2nd November which are ticketless... I understand about using the credit/debit card for entry, but they also state on tne email that I should bring valid photo iD... Without a drivers license all I have is my passport - do I really need it? Thanks Philip
  5. what happened yesterday? Or are you thinking of their tour manager?
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