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  1. Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone 

  2. I’ve not received the last 2 subs gift, for some reason it gets sent as I get an email but then doesn’t turn up. Waiting on stuff from the shop, I guess I can get a refund on that if it doesn’t show.
  3. Hoping this works for me, the last one I was locked out of 🤞
  4. On this day (Aug 22nd) 360 Cardiff- 2009 👌

    1. dmway


      I was there too! The Edge in his native country! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 

      Outstanding show! 😎 


  5. Also my GF is waiting for a T shirt from the u2 shop that she ordered 2 years ago. She just can’t be hassled to enquire about it. It takes so long for things to turn up you end up forgetting and by the time you remember it’s almost so long ago you feel like it’s been to long to ask!.
  6. I still sub every year but recently it’s gone from bad to worse on here. I couldn’t stream the concert last night which was so frustrating and the gift I chose hasn’t turned up either, the second time it’s happened. I really only keep this going now for presale tickets but with stadium and arena shows you can get presale with Live Nation and phone companies anyway. There’s no tour for a while so I think it’s come to a head and last night was the last straw 😖. I was front row for that concert so I really wanted to see how and what I remembered from the show. I guess ill have to wait, I’m not subbing to 2022 just to watch it.
  7. No stream for me tonight 😢 

  8. Any merch pics? Heard about beer cup holders? New designs for the r-cups? 🙏
  9. Ive managed to stay away from the coloured vinyl somehow, instead I’ve hit the web exclusives in the shop heavy instead 😁. The UF boxset that came out awhile back should have had Dortmund 84 all nicely cleaned up in it. I’d like to see POP get the full treatment, even rework a few songs like they’ve always wanted to.
  10. I was hoping the JT dvd would be out with screenings at selected cinemas. Looks like that’s been shelved till next year now. A live broadcast would go down well instead 👌
  11. Cool Britannia for me this Saturday 😃 

  12. Maybe with two nights at most cities the band may think of doing one night doing ie/ei shows and the second night for JT. I think both have been ruled out but with 2 nights it would make sense to fit in as much as possible. Would be good to see...
  13. Good to know 👍 I only post on the U2 ones anyway, mainly the FB one. Some good pics lately from Edge and Adam
  14. I thought edge had one at one point?
  15. Limited to only 150 copies, the NLOTH poster is a top collectors item 👍.
  16. I will follow, follow!. Sending my info now 👍
  17. You’d have to think if Australia 🇦🇺 is on then New Zealand 🇳🇿 and Japan 🇯🇵 are probable. Maybe Hawaii again?!
  18. OZ, NZ? and maybe Japan also next year ?

  19. Yeah ? a mention for the fans doing multiple shows. Have to say the atmosphere was the best I felt on the tour by far. I’d say Copenhagen 2 was the best show for me but only because it was full of surprises.
  20. Missing Dublin this tour ?, ? for Dirty Day in Berlin! 

  21. I'm predicting England bow out tomorrow, hope I'm wrong but the favourites seem to be falling and Colombia I think will play well against us. Think Brazil could struggle with Mexico today too.
  22. I’m sure they’ll be more merch added as the tours goes along. But I’m liking the venue shirt from the last show ?
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