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  1. really surprised there was no Sunday Bloody Sunday, I never get tired of listening to this at the concerts and this is the first time I've not heard it
  2. they came on at 8.30 and finished around 10.40
  3. is there a support act, or is it U2 only also seems early for a U2 concert, how long are the show ? I'd have thought max 2 hours, therefore concert finishing around 10
  4. I got £38 tickets last time and this time. We had a fantastic view of the stage B, where the vast majority of the concert was being played BTW for the OP, the only downside of Dublin to Belfast, is that in Dublin there is a better atmosphere all around the venues for larger parts of the day, in Belfast, most people tend to turn up direct to the concerts, unless a much younger teen crowd (usualy drunk teens, which doesnt tend to be at a U2 concert) However in saying this, U2 playing Belfast is fantastic, they dont play here as often as Dublin, but you'll still have a great
  5. got a reply back, no collectors tickets for Belfast
  6. I'm the same love to keep my tickets for all concerts was hoping for a collectors ticket for the Belfast show, but apparently they're not available Ah well, mine are seats, therefore, I've the same ticket I leave with as I entered
  7. Think I'll contact Ticketmaster to see hopefully they are available. look better than the crapy ticketmaster tickets that look like any other concert apart from the writting
  8. Hi I got my two tickets today for Belfast, but didnt see anything about the Collectors Tickets. Are they available for any of the U2 shows and has anyone been able to get them for the Belfast Show ?
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