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  1. Hope we'll get the video of the movie-version in HD too or better 4KšŸ˜
  2. Got the gift today. Really great package!!! Thanks a lot u2.com. Had ordered the premium subscription for an extra dvd e&i Berlin, so I was very nervous about the taxes here in The Netherlands... But I did'nt have to pay taxes at all!
  3. I'm holding my breath for the taxprice in the Netherlands.... The gifts should have been sent out in Europe. U2 's office is housed in Amsterdam because of the low taxes!!!
  4. Happy birthday The Edge!!šŸŽ‰šŸŽŠšŸŽ‚
  5. See it the posolitive way, the new gift will be announced in the coming months!!!šŸ˜œ
  6. So, do it the best (worldwide broadcast) or do nothing. It feels like ignoring the Rest of the world. Poor marketing. Or just great marketing....$$$$$$$$$
  7. The last years learnt not to be too optimistic about releases/rereleases/anniversary's....sadly.
  8. Adam Clayton appeared on the @Rockonteurs podcast and talked about their future plans. They've recorded acoustic versions from the backcatalolgue. That's something I'm not very excited about.... in my opinion the band is not great in doing these stripped down versions. And, after a while, it would be great to get new, fresh u2 songs. Or releases that 've been shelved for a long time (studiorecordings from Mercy, North Star, Boy falls... etc. Etc.). Songs of Ascent would've been exactly the right thing to release in these weird times without touring. By the way what happened to the Heartland, JT30 movie? Cinemas opened their doors months ago. In short: there would've been a lot to look forward to, but the news about recordings of acoustic songs is (again) a great disappointment.
  9. Thanks for sharing! Saw it on Twitter too. Not as bad as I expected.
  10. Favourite song was and still is 'My honest face', it's the track that's most u2'ish. On this track the vocals of Elijah are quite simular to Bono's vocals in the early 80's. Happy that this song made it to the tracklist of the debutalbum.
  11. How is the song doing in the charts? I've got the feeling it's only charting in the Netherlands...
  12. I was looking forward to the videoremaster of Lemon. One of their best songs and videos but imo the baddest remaster. It looks like the old dvd-version is even better than this remastered version.....šŸ˜¬
  13. Keep doing the great work with these remasters! I was a bit surprised the Joanou version of One got the 4K treatment and not the Corbijn One. I thougt Corbijn filmed the video on film and not videotape. The quality in FullHD is somewhat disappointing, though it's great anyway. I really like the 4K version, it's really overwhelming, what a picture!!
  14. Why is there no major article about the release on the frontpage of the main site? The last news article is from april 14th.... Even no mention of the footballcupsong...
  15. Looks like we 'll get some new music on may 14th! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=322426949242309&id=100044250198310
  16. Great suggestion. Such boxsets are definately needed! Coldplay is attached to the same (big) recordcompany, that wants to make money for not too much efforts. For art a disaster. They don't look after quality and fans. The more smaller recordcompanies are releasing great boxsets, High defination audio on blu ray etc..
  17. I would buy it immediately, quality of BluRay 4k video AND audio are miles better than the streaming, plus having nice booklets with artwork's great for collections. Wouldn't it be nice to return to a world with some more physical releases? Fairer prices for artists, saving the recordstores, great for the collectors and audiophiles??? There ARE a lot of artists still releasing on BluRay, and, of course, the times of millionselling releases are over, but it will sell.
  18. Of course all the respect for the people that made The Virtual Road available! Like all the remastered videos the quality is well done and very welcome. I hope these projects keep coming. But The shows did disappear after 48 hours and now we have to hope they'll appear sometime in the future.. If I want to enjoy a concert I want to do that whenever I want. How nice would it be to have a nice booklet with that??!! So making the shows available on physical media would be nice. Limited releases will prove that there is a market for it. Steve Wilson, Marillion, Depeche Mode, REM amongst others did great jobs by releasing for fans. We didn't even get a 5.1 HD dolby/dts audio version of one single album! What great would've been that? In the end it's all about the music, isn't it? In contrary to their shows new technology didn't actually reach their release in quality of their really great music.
  19. Use of modern technology doesn't mean better technology. Unfortunately many people don't care about quality and collecting things. So streaming is easy and lazy money grabbing. But...there's still a market for Cd's/blurays etc. for fans. It takes some effort to do so. Universal is not the best recordcompany for fans, it's a moneyfactory that doesn't care and sadly we can do nothing about it.
  20. And the E&I concert was shot in 4K too, but was only released on dvd...šŸ¤”šŸ™„ Waited on a commercial 4K-blu ray release but......of course...no..
  21. What a great, memorable show this is... Absolutely fabulous gig with Eagles Of Death Metal. U2 made history with this concert after the terroristic attacks in Paris, just as the New York concerts after 9-11 and the Sarajevo Concert... For me, this concert, as part of the Virtual road, is nothing special, because this concert in highest resolution was already released on blu ray, with the best picture and audio-quality. And again.... bring on a limited bluray- box of these concerts!!!!!!!!!!!
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