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  1. Yep, same exact issue. Logged a complaint, and received a response that customer service would be in contact with me within 12 hours to resolve the issue. That was 2 days ago. Piss poor customer service. At this rate, there's no point to renew membership after 2019.
  2. I've been a fan club member since 2008, renewed my subscription through 2019, and it's still saying that I'm in the Innocence priority presale group. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the info. I wish that this date had been listed on the first set of tour dates. I went ahead and used my 4 ticket Redhill presale limit on GA tickets to Chicago night 1, and would much prefer to swap those for 4 Louisville GA's. Considering the situation, I take it that I can't return those 4 Chicago GA's back to ticketmaster for a refund?
  4. Hi Everyone - Is it correct to assume that previous presale codes that have been used already can't be used for the Louisville, KY presale tomorrow? I'm asking, only since this is a new show and location that wasn't initially announced.
  5. Hi. Can totally relate... I got these extras so that I can barter to go to other shows but if for any reason I end up with these going unused for that purpose I will def reach out to you!!! I appreciate it!!
  6. i don't have Dublin GA's, but I do need 2 Chicago GA's for the first night. I'd be happy to take those off of your hands!
  7. I had no luck getting 2 GA's this morning. Forgive me if this isn't the place to ask, but let me know if anyone is willing to part with 2 GA's. At this point, I'm very cautious about buying the GA's on Stubhub with the CC authorization......
  8. Ticketmaster won't take my pre-sale access code. Awesome.
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