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  1. Very much waiting for the leg opener and hoping for some surprises there! A Berlin special maybe?
  2. I have not received mine and I guess it will appear in February. But I have a request: instead of a vinyl please make the next gift a VHS or Beta cassette of some show. Makes as much sense to me
  3. The stories around the American presales made me worry. For Europe/Berlin I had ordered the GA tickets 10 minutes after the salse started. Was not that bad at all.
  4. No code visible here either. Maybe they will appear a bit later?
  5. So a lot of the Verified Fans / Subscribers are now Verified Targets for Spam and Fraud. Looking good!
  6. I really Do hope the instructions and the procedure itself will be smoother in Europe.
  7. This seems rather strange. The wording on the message makes me think it is no mistake. I do hope in Europe we get "vorsprung durch technik". "While presale access is only one benefit included with your U2.com subscription, we recognize that it is important to many Subscribers. "
  8. I have trouble understanding why you keep repeating false news. In the faq it says: "This Presale and verification process is for U2 shows in U.S. + Canada only. If you wish to attend a show in U.S. + Canada, please enter your North American Ticketmaster account info or create one in advance." I guess my pants will be just fine. Or as we say around here: Parempi viikko vuntierata kuin päivä tehdä turha työtä
  9. I really wonder whether or not these instructions and processes are tested with some people before publishing them. A lot of this discussions seems to be caused by rather unclear messages. Well, on the other hand the actual presale has worked nicely for me in the past and hope it will do so now too. And I will calmly wait for the European info
  10. Thanks so much for teaching us with limited abilities wonderful english sayings. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/belt-and-braces However, you seem to offer this solution to people not planning to buy US tickets. To me that just seems totally wrong? "the use of two or more actions in order to be extra careful about something, although only one is really ne
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