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  1. Ordered the vinyl , 2 weeks waiting now , no reply to emails , absolutley pathetic.
  2. Missed out on pitch 2 , due to ticketmaster , ended up buying pitch 1 , at 9.15 approx there were no pitch 2 available for Red Hill members , if they are available tomorrow its a con !
  3. Similar TM problems here - empty handed for GA. Exactly the same here , no pitch 2 left by the time I figured out you need to go through u2.com , not normally the case on TM ireland , ended up buying pitch 1 , pretty Pi**ed off
  4. Hopefully its on pre sale and we all get sorted!
  5. I can only guess that its a barrier across the pitch , or it could be the inner circle like on the 360 tour ? I have been to all U2 gigs in Croke Park and have never seen this before.
  6. Lots of rumours in Dublin about upcoming gigs ,the most popular that they will be held in November and announced next week.A thread has been posted before about presale codes for Dublin and I like many have held their codes for Dublin.I am a bit concerned that my code has disappeared from the account info page and the silence from U2.com but I expect this to be rectified as soon as the gigs are announced There may be trouble ahead.......
  7. The ebay thing is annoying , especially when you see them listed before RSD
  8. Any spares out there , my local store in Dublin got 2 copies , They thought they were getting more .....Ah well ...maybe next year
  9. Your not greedy , 2 tickets for loyal fans is poor , especially when you can sign up today and get 2 tickets
  10. Yes I would love a copy but like the vast majority of u2.com paid subscribers I have no chance of getting one ......but on Nov 30th they will be all over ebay! .....I could win one on u2.com (ha,ha).......come on u2 look after the fans
  11. Here we are in 2011 and the rumours continue . There was a small article in the Dubliner magazine this week regarding U2 playing the new aviva stadium in 2011.....hopefully more than just rumours
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