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  1. Hi, I'm trying to sell my seated ticket to another Dane. The thing is that it's a ticket that has to be collected from the local box office on the day (the 12th). Is it possible to sell such a ticket, and how do I do it? Thx in advance.
  2. Will there be an extra show in Berlin?
  3. I'm also VERY interested to know, if it's possible to split the presale-tickets.
  4. I regular visit different U2 sites/ Facebook, so I quickly found out about the presale - and luckily for that. But I must say, there was a very, very short notice regarding this presale. The tour was - as far as I know - announced Wednesday and the presale started Thursday. Not very long if you are just 24 hours away from the internet (some people may even have a life). Anyways, I certainly appreciate the opportunity to buy tickets earlier than others but I would also appreciate, if regular/old subscribers were notified just 2-3 days in advance.
  5. Depends on the show and the demand. Managed to get quite a few GA's in Europe last time - but that was stadiums of course.
  6. Hi, Im trying to go for the UK general sale Monday (#2) - does anyone what's the difference between Level 1A, B and C? Thanks
  7. Haven't got the e-mail either, but I printed a receipt, took a screen shot AND it's my AXS-account! London baby
  8. Hi, when it says 10 am local time - it means 10 am UK time right (it's 9:41 in Denmark), so just to make sure
  9. Ok, I guess the answer is here: http://community.u2.com/topic/18469. I have two used codes, so I guess I can't do that ...
  10. Ok, this might be a stupid question ... but my membership is set to expire feb. 2011 - I guess that means that I can't upgrade my account and then receive a new password for the Aussie-sales?
  11. Let me be honest here ... Joing U2.com because you want to support the band. Well, that's surely generous. Joining U2.com because you get something out ofit ... Nah. Joining U2.com because of access to the presale. Jep. I've been an on and off member and decided to become a member again in November becauseof the presale ... I hadn't figured out that there would be three presale groups. If I had I would certainly have joined earlier on. But I ended in theBreathe-group which got me the GA-tickets I wanted ... But I understand some of the frustrations among the Boot-members ...
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