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  1. I got a paper ticket for Chicago night 2, G.A. And an e-ticket for Chicago night 1, G.A.
  2. I can practically guarantee that "free" album won't be showing up tomorrow ...
  3. I'm still lost. If i used one of my allotted two ticket limit with the original pre-sale, can I use the other for the second pre-sale? I'm still not sure I want to go both nights in Chicago.
  4. I'm in the same boat. I bought a single ticket with the initial fan club code, and I was hoping on using the same code to buy a single ticket to any added Chicago date. Does anyone know if this is possible? And I don't want speculation. I want fact.
  5. I'm coming to the realization that this 2018 tour may be the last time I see U2. The ticket prices arent' just bad. They're obscene. Especially in this day and age. There is nothing to justify nearly 70% of the house costing $329+ per seat. That's outrageous.
  6. I keep saying this about so many things these days. There is such a huge gap between what the elite think average people can afford and what the average people can actually afford. How's about a $70,000 car with an obscenely huge red Christmas bow on it? Who is that commercial for? I just think it will get much, much worse before anything gets better.
  7. Is this "redeem a CD" through Ticketmaster a legitimate thing? Or is this some phishing scam? And why do bands do this? I already have a pre-order in for the special edition of the new album. I don't need another copy - since that copy will most likely be a promo disc in a cheap cardboard sleeve.
  8. I was coming in here to say the exact same thing. I was in and out of Ticketmaster in 120 seconds with a G.A. ticket for Chicago. Easy-peasy.
  9. I am completely lost with this presale set-up. Why must I buy yet another U2.com subscription (with more vinyl I DON'T WANT) in order to verify my identity for purposes of the pre-sale. I renewed my U2.com subscription on August 25, 2017. Prior to that renewal, I used all of my presale codes for 4 tickets to JT2017. Why do I have to buy another 2018 subscription? And why, when I did purchase that SECOND 2018 subscription, did it not automatically complete the pre-sale set-up in my account? I have now paid $80 and am still not eligible for the pre-sale? What the h
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