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  1. I got a paper ticket for Chicago night 2, G.A. And an e-ticket for Chicago night 1, G.A.
  2. My extended family is planning a trip to Ireland in August 2018. I was just wondering whether anyone knew if there was a guided tour for U2 fans that took them around Dublin to see important sites in the band's history. Something like the Beatles tour of Liverpool, or "vampire" tours of New Orleans, or any "haunted city" tours in practically any other city. Anyone know?
  3. I can practically guarantee that "free" album won't be showing up tomorrow ...
  4. When does the 8-track get released? Vinyl. What is this? 1978? *eye-roll*
  5. I'm still lost. If i used one of my allotted two ticket limit with the original pre-sale, can I use the other for the second pre-sale? I'm still not sure I want to go both nights in Chicago.
  6. I'm in the same boat. I bought a single ticket with the initial fan club code, and I was hoping on using the same code to buy a single ticket to any added Chicago date. Does anyone know if this is possible? And I don't want speculation. I want fact.
  7. I'm coming to the realization that this 2018 tour may be the last time I see U2. The ticket prices arent' just bad. They're obscene. Especially in this day and age. There is nothing to justify nearly 70% of the house costing $329+ per seat. That's outrageous.
  8. I keep saying this about so many things these days. There is such a huge gap between what the elite think average people can afford and what the average people can actually afford. How's about a $70,000 car with an obscenely huge red Christmas bow on it? Who is that commercial for? I just think it will get much, much worse before anything gets better.
  9. Is this "redeem a CD" through Ticketmaster a legitimate thing? Or is this some phishing scam? And why do bands do this? I already have a pre-order in for the special edition of the new album. I don't need another copy - since that copy will most likely be a promo disc in a cheap cardboard sleeve.
  10. I was coming in here to say the exact same thing. I was in and out of Ticketmaster in 120 seconds with a G.A. ticket for Chicago. Easy-peasy.
  11. I am completely lost with this presale set-up. Why must I buy yet another U2.com subscription (with more vinyl I DON'T WANT) in order to verify my identity for purposes of the pre-sale. I renewed my U2.com subscription on August 25, 2017. Prior to that renewal, I used all of my presale codes for 4 tickets to JT2017. Why do I have to buy another 2018 subscription? And why, when I did purchase that SECOND 2018 subscription, did it not automatically complete the pre-sale set-up in my account? I have now paid $80 and am still not eligible for the pre-sale? What the h
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