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  1. Oh well they have seen it all havent they. So it would not be for me to choose just follow the recommendations. There is easily a hundred+ spots I have not seen and would love to. It is kinda sad as a keen traveller you just cannot. But for the idea maybe this instant Cape Town. It came first cos one memorable night I listened to U2 live 360 show from there in real time. And basicly fascinated about the last landlines and tiny towns before the oceans.
  2. Managed to catch a ticket for Suede album launch Autofiction in Electric Ball Room London. Only one thousand involved. Before that one (which I die for to even think of) another quite something soon: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in Flow Festival Finland. You bet in the front row.
  3. Saw the band. It was true and heart. Simple but yeah, I still like the drummer, laughed my head off insidely when saw a guitarist with sunglasses in the sort of a dark evening I wonder who would do that As a band they have an universe to catch for example U2 scale, songs, ideas and sounds. But do they even have to, probably not, maybe better if not. There is new kids around who love them. I can see that. And it is more interesting and fresh. Have seen now the father and the son. The same is what I feel a kind of open heart and soul which is the most crucial thing ever. After the gig I had light feet and an open chest some air to breathe indeed I think I must be a lucky piece of dust to see all these beautiful beautiful voices in my life
  4. Suede in May, Inhaler in July, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in August. What a life it will be! I also have a plan B to see Inhaler in Prague combining Suede via the same trip. I would really like to see Inhaler in that venue in a club kind of - well it is a bit bigger venue but quite enchanting (I saw Suede there in 2013). Prague is charming. CR in general has a bit reserved intellect nature but a what a wonderful sense of humor.
  5. Kids are coming to town next year that is to a place I have never ever been in Finland. Oh well now there is a reason. Merry Christmas, take care.
  6. And oh yes if I can I surely drop some serious Inhaler somewhere there in between
  7. Suede in Stockholm Annexet May 22 Nick Cave & Bad Seeds in Flow Festival Helsinki August 22 Both my heartcore heart favorites. Thrilled!!
  8. Have to add the dad the same age. And the band. Pretty convincing don´t you think. THIS IS U2 (was) 💖
  9. Not interested to see U2 these days very interested to see Inhaler and after this setlist rotation looking forward to the next and different one next year 22! Behind you Kids!
  10. "Just like I planned" kids are getting tighter the crowd totally in. Next songs are crucial, we shall see. Tighter!!
  11. One to add Eve a lookalike indeed and very interesting very blue eyes it is difficult for me to understand how someone does it. An amazing band, a long marriage, four the most beautiful kids, activism I meet all the popes and presidents and do everything and sing the WORLD and then my kids are just the kids seem to be okay and grounded and some heart too One to add Ali
  12. Thank you mr. The Edge to let me in the sound let me into sound let me in the sound let me into sound - let me in the sound associating with the image of The Edge on his boots at the start of the video of Pride and that jacket flying in the wind on the port of Dublin
  13. Sorry I have not red the discussion and do know nothing about it or other ones concerning the show but watched the Apollo gig some time ago and I was quite impressed when Love Came to Town. Loved the version and the rhythm section coming in and forward and how it turned the song and the mood to something else. The twist was interesting and worked really well. That was it. Now back to Elijah´s band. The John Robb interview is quite good you know.
  14. Not surprised but utterly happy of their success. The next generation! Go!! Whilst reminding myself how B. covered The Beatles Help when he was 25 or something 💘 I mean his voice and dimensions, they are far out for anyone I guess. However, another song popped into my mind some footsteps after that, one of my all time favorites. Here comes the son/here comes the son/and I say/it´s all right 😂 🥰 Now Inhaler have launched and I will say no more.
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