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  1. One to add Eve a lookalike indeed and very interesting very blue eyes it is difficult for me to understand how someone does it. An amazing band, a long marriage, four the most beautiful kids, activism I meet all the popes and presidents and do everything and sing the WORLD and then my kids are just the kids seem to be okay and grounded and some heart too One to add Ali
  2. Thank you mr. The Edge to let me in the sound let me into sound let me in the sound let me into sound - let me in the sound associating with the image of The Edge on his boots at the start of the video of Pride and that jacket flying in the wind on the port of Dublin
  3. Sorry I have not red the discussion and do know nothing about it or other ones concerning the show but watched the Apollo gig some time ago and I was quite impressed when Love Came to Town. Loved the version and the rhythm section coming in and forward and how it turned the song and the mood to something else. The twist was interesting and worked really well. That was it. Now back to Elijah´s band. The John Robb interview is quite good you know.
  4. Not surprised but utterly happy of their success. The next generation! Go!! Whilst reminding myself how B. covered The Beatles Help when he was 25 or something 💘 I mean his voice and dimensions, they are far out for anyone I guess. However, another song popped into my mind some footsteps after that, one of my all time favorites. Here comes the son/here comes the son/and I say/it´s all right 😂 🥰 Now Inhaler have launched and I will say no more.
  5. How lovely you can be
  6. There is just that melting THING in Elijah´s voice. It gets into you. It can happen once or twice like that but from the same family TWICE it is kinda mad and it works. It does. And the band too, they are really good. How come. Totally as a song wrote out my soul cos actually I have been there the situation was written exactly how it was even one cigarette only and talkin until morning, not to mention the same song over again. That translated, this is how good songs work, you relate to them instantly, you relate to the mood. U2 have made tens & dozens of those. What a lucky bastard to be alive - once father, then son, Gods gifts. Count your blessings. I do, I do I do I do I do I do.
  7. After this topic and getting thrilled whenever it was I am even more into them. Very sure of the band & have to say, ultimately happy. Totally. Very very soon the 1st album is out! Thank you babes for cheering up indeed. Brilliant stuff!
  8. Thank you very much. The show was far more amazing I remembered. The 2nd encore definitely. Such a strong performance from all four highest high quality.
  9. Well it is not only when you see the band but it all really starts when you see the crowd - jumping up & down throughout the songs and having a sea of hearts of people - then you might be getting there. I shall try to get to see them live asap. 1-2-3-4-5! alright!
  10. After all the enthusiastic twist & shout of mine above I listened to some U2's songs again like 13, Song For Someone, Little Things even checked out a Berlin gig (E&I). It must be tough really tough to let go of your children I can only imagine. Whatever hat or makeup Bono nowadays wear - not sure why yes macphisto but not sure if the grotesque is at all as useful as it was in ZooTV era or is it only grotesque - there is not many on this planet (but maybe on some other planets there are quite a few) who can compare with his absolute singing skills. Or the sound of U2 in the large scale or in an intimate scale. But drop the makeup drop the pain drop the tiredness drop the chain cos the most beautiful singing birds and bands are for someones sometimes a very reason to live. And Inhaler are bloody good, so far and after checking them out I think we are like-minded
  11. Oh no I hope not! When I am finally done with them! Well... just kidding I shall always love U2 dearly but this band is refreshing indeed. U2 songs nowadays do not interest me too much compared with their earlier times and I find the sound & soul there where the kids grow wild and where the pigs don't fly/I do. I do. Take a look
  12. Well as told before I checked out ALL of them when I realized the idea and the band. Yesterday I was buzzing to my friend how wonderful this band is and have to admit as a U2 fan since 80's I cannot remember when I have been so excited figuring out a brand new band. All the guys felt so familiar like I have known them always they are just how it is and how it should be. I literally sat with my outdoor jacket on in a landscape cottage like I should go to buy some food now but cannot, I have to check out this one. And so I did. It took five hours only. Amazing. I am aware that I fell into the band so much not only cos they are very good but also after the process of getting U2 out of my system kind of and some sadness involved. And when you are finally out & done, it is over, okay accepting it as past times --- right then comes the next generation. And you inhale it 100%. JOY! Join the Joyride! And you know it could have been rap or EDM or whatever shite and you would have not even noticed but now you notice plus the t-shirts. How lovely. My favorite song - so far - by Inhaler is definitely My Honest Face
  13. I saw U2 the last time in 2015 it was The Innocence & E Tour. I have not followed them since then I did not really like the latest albums the 360 Tour was wonderful. And now there's the kid with the band. So happy, thrilled, amused too. Heard a song in radio I was like oh what is this quite a good song sounds pretty good but ahw how come someone imitates Bono not very original but THEN I found out it is not exactly imitation but in blood and then I went through all the catalogue of this new band it was really touching to find out bout the kid great fun and moving too well they will have many U2 old farts showing up to their gigs for sure cos dads are a bit last season. And the band might be interesting. And the songs are getting there. And those kids are just thrilling! Hope hope hope they have their feet soul heart down the earth. But I guess I might follow. I like the sound.
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