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  1. I just got back from Tokyo yesterday and while there saw Noel Gallagher. I bought tix online with my credit card and redeemed them at 7-11 (yeah weird but the instructions said I could redeem them at any 7-11 and they were correct). It wasn’t difficult at all however there would’ve been no transferring or selling them if I couldn’t make the show. Not sure which venue the boys will be playing and what ticket agency the show will go through - we’ll see!
  2. I’m curious to see the exact routing and what the final show will be - I’m so tempted to try to see one/two (if it’s a two show city) of these shows. The setlist may be different than anywhere else in that there’s a possibility of a mash up of i+e/TJT/e+i since these cities didn’t see any of the three.
  3. I just came here to post THE. FLY. !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I just tuned in right before Youre The Best Thing... work is getting in the way of my live streaming! Bono seems like he's in a good mood, chatty tonight.
  5. Ziggo Dome is such a great venue (saw Depeche there on this last tour), hope everyone there is having a good time.
  6. I know this is off topic tour wise but talking of filming, I'm still waiting for TJT tour live DVD! They also filmed the Apollo show - maybe we'll get a double disc e+i Tour + Apollo package? That would be cool.
  7. I would stand on the "left" side (Edge's side of the stage) halfway between the I and the E stage - you'll have a great veiw of both and as the band moves on the catwalk. I hope your daughter has a great first show!
  8. For being as close as I am to Death Valley, I haven't gone to see the tree yet - need to do that. I've been to the Harmony Hotel and to the sights in Dublin.
  9. Hi all - I’d like some Red Flag Day tonight (remotely)!
  10. It really was. I love that they re-arranged some songs + added non-tour songs to this show. They really put so much thought into this show and we all felt it.
  11. I also forgot, in the madness of the actual show itself, how AMAZING the Apollo version of Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses was - the re-broadcast yesterday reminded me of how much I loved it. It's so joyous - I can't think of another way to put it. The drums were more at the front and it doesn't sound as dark as the album version. I hope they incorporate this version into the live shows (I need to go back and listen to Tulsa - I was in the house that night but can't remember if it sounded more album version or Apollo version).
  12. 100% once I finally tuned in to the show I was thankful for her Scope and the strength of her arm in holding her phone for the entire show!
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