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  1. Adam has to be one of the most entertaining musicians to watch live. The way he interacts with the crowd, the way he winks and smiles, and lets you know he sees you out there. I always find it a great night when I end up able to see it up close. As he turns 60, I want to extend my birthday greetings, and also to thank him for all the entertainment over the years.
    Brilliant show tonight and even though not in the stadium you could feel Bono’s emotions coming through the wires loud and clear during “One Tree Hill.” “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” was another highlight. Goosebumps hearing a chorus of voices from New Zealand singing it so strong. Looking forward to what they have up their sleeves for tomorrow night.
  2. Safe travels. And as always, some wise words.
  3. For the 2019 gift a friend of mine has asked the following: "Is there a 2019 subscription thread? My 2018 subscription ends on November 10. (Saturday) There is no option to renew for a new gift. Only the gifts I already have. When will a 2019 option be available? Should I susbscribe on Saturday if a new option doesn't come up?" I've asked her to post here, but thought I'd pass this along as well. She's in Dublin and unable to post herself at the moment.
  4. Asking for a friend...please help! "I am an Experience member. I used my Joshua Tree codes to buy tickets. So I should need to subscribe again. Started going through the verification procedure. No issue with linking account. No issue with phone number. But I did not resubscribe. But my box is green and says "Complete" and there is no option to subscribe anymore on my profile. Am I finished? Do I not need to subscribe again? If so how do I resubscribe? My subscription comes up for renewal on January 31, 2018." The site says the following in the FAQ: "I have an active U2.com subscription and I purchased 4 tickets using a presale code during The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, will I have access to the U2eiTour presale? Members who used their presale access code to purchase tickets to The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 MUST renew early and select one of the 2018 packages to be eligible to be verified for the upcoming eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE 2018 presale. " The operator I spoke to on the phone says that as long as the box is green and says complete that there is no need to subscribe and my friend will get a code. This directly contradicts what is said on the FAQ. Can you please let us know what is going on and why we are getting two different stories on this issue? I've spoken to others who seem to have the same issue, the system says complete when they should still need to resubscribe.
  5. u2songs is also doing a series of articles looking back to the 1970s, the start of U2. All of the #U240 articles are here: http://www.u2songs.com/news/u240
  6. Not realistic at all... Apart of the logistic aspect of the production of these several different gifts and its distribution (not the shipping, but more in the sense of "X asked for 1, Y asked for 4, Z asked for 2, etc") which also means time, You should also think about the costs involved... But isn't that what they are doing anyway? There's going to be three options. Just the serigraphs. The serigraphs with North Side Story. And the serigraphs with Another Time Another Place. So they've already made it more complicated on themselves.
  7. U2 is being featured on the soundtrack to the movie as well, which is being released on CD on November 25 in the US. Amazon.com haven't confirmed what U2 track is on the soundtrack yet, but it would only make sense that it's "Ordinary Love".
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