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  1. Completely agree. I think its disingenuous to explain high prices charged by U2 as simply the going rate for major acts these days and to suggest market price and scalpers and secondary ticket agencies are the main drivers of their pricing. U2 ultimately have the final say over pricing and could absolutely do more to address these high prices (and also to address the unscrupulous resale of their tickets on reseller sites at vastly inflated prices). Obviously they can't please everyone all the time and there will always be people who can get the tickets they want at the price they want for th
  2. Great news Spongebob. Happy for you. I had the same experience yesterday. In and out in a couple of minutes with RZ tickets. Completely different experience to last week. See you in the RZ!!
  3. Same here RZ for Sunday. All done by 9.02. V V happy. Sort of makes up for the shambles and stress of last weeks pre-sale experience for Croke Park and Twickenham where I got nothing. All worked out in the end!
  4. Thank god! Been trying for decent GA tickets for Croke Park (RZ or Pitch 2). Was in the Redhill presale and got nothing, nothing the rest of the week and nothing this morning. Same with Twickenham. Was thinking this'd be the first tour I'd miss since Zoo TV but hopefully I'll get another shot... and be less picky!
  5. agree with grifty's post, an official statement would be good
  6. Would like to know the answers to those questions too. Also would like to know whether there will be GA Pitch 2 available tomorrow or whether they're completely all gone in today's pre-sale. Also looking at the spacing of the dates so far do we think there will be a Croke 2 on the Sunday?
  7. Yeah you're right GA for Twickenham still there. I'm trying for Croke park, but no GA doing...
  8. Couldn't agree more with these recent posts. It just always seems for the last few tours, however well you prepare yourself for these presales they always throw a curveball to ensure there is some hitch. I know you can't please everyone, but they're it seems there is always some problem...
  9. I'm in the UK trying to buy tickets for Croke park in the pre-sale, but the TM.ie website is telling me tickets aren't on sale yet. Can anyone tell me why or what I'm doing wrong? Also does anyone know when red zone tickets will come on sale? Thanks
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