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  1. Just had an email from U2.com to say they are sending me another DVD. Thanks to everyone who helped!
  2. A couple of hours ago I had 5 messages from Ticketmaster - all responses to my requests on the contact us forms... Thanks for your email! A Fan Club Support rep should get back to you within 12 hours. Please don’t reply to this email as it won’t get forwarded to a representative. Be assured that we will answer your original email ASAP! Thanks for being a fan!
  3. I cleared my cache and cookies, re-signed into the site, filled out the form again, but still got the same message. Thanks for your help, I guess it's not meant to be!
  4. Just tried again. I put 'Gift membership issues' in the topic. Got the following message.... Thank you for reaching out. Due to the growing concerns surrounding the Coronavirus and the multitude of event changes that have resulted, we are experiencing extremely high contact volumes. We are continuously working with artist management and promoters to update the status of concert events. Please note, at this time, email support and phone support is not available. We appreciate your understanding during this time. Please do not reply to this email as it will not reach a Fan Support Representative.
  5. I still haven't received my DVD either, despite having a shipping email on June 10th. I've tried filling in the contact form on several occasions, but always get a message at the end saying that due to covid, they are not taking email or phone requests.
  6. I got my email to say it had been shipped on June 10th and still have not received it. I tried to make contact on the help pages using my order number but had a message saying they wasn't taking emails during the current time.
  7. Same here. I've had about 7 different responses to my emails... I have come to the conclusion that these responses are sent from bots and are not real people as they don't seem to read the questions you ask. Its always a different generic reply that leaves you more and more angry with each one you get
  8. Still not received the Vinyls. Ordered 4th May 2017. Here is the latest email response.... Thank you for emailing us. We apologize for the delay in replying back. We will be glad to review your email today. We are sorry to hear that you have yet to receive the merchandise associated your fan club membership. We did some research. We see that you purchased a 2017-2018 gift package (fan club memberships made/renewed from November 2017 and later). These packages will be shipped later in 2018 to the below address. We also see that you purchased a package that consist of the 2018 gift. The 2018 gift has yet to be announced. Gifts tend to be officially announced in April or May of the year. Gifts then have to be produced. Later in the year, orders are processed and shipped.We have no communication with the warehouse. We are not sure about their protocol on fulfillment of orders and do apologize for any inconvenience experienced, due to the delay in fulfillment.If you need assistance, please let us know. Have a safe day.Sincerely,JerryU2.com TeamThe mind boggles!!!!!!!!
  9. Ordered May 4th 2017. Live in the UK and still not received it and had the email yesterday telling me not to worry as they would be starting shipping again in Feb!!! Its a shambles
  10. Well, I said it was the album code that I was referring to in my email to u2.com, but I don't think they read them properly and just reply with what they think you want to hear. In saying that, I reckon I could send the same email and get a different response.
  11. Thanks for contacting us, my name is Romeo and I’ll be helping with all your questions today! You have up until the end of the fiscal year to utilize the code. Yes, if more shows become available of the show dates already released this week, you can still utilize the code as long as it is during the pre-sale process. Questions? Please reply to this email, or get answers right now. Sincerely, Romeo U2.com Team
  12. I emailed U2.com about the possibility of saving the album code for 2nd night dates that have yet to be announced. Had a reply today stating that they will remain valid for any dates added throughout the year if they are not used for the dates that have been announced so far. Possibly good news, but U2.com email replies seem to be true or false depending on who answers them.
  13. Got GA's too...hardly slept last night was so nervous, then it was done and dusted by 10.02am! Panic over
  14. What I meant was, say there is a 2nd Manchester date announced, will there be an opportunity to use the album pre-sale code for that, or will they only be valid for the dates that are announced at the moment?
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