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  1. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    How much father and daughter look alike...
  2. According to Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' last night was a bit 'on routine' or 'automatic pilot'. Other media were complaining about the sound, but overall the concert was rated with 3 of 4 stars (out of five). For all Dutchies (and those who can understand our language): Volkskrant Parool NRC
  3. Let's hope for some great surprises tonight!
  4. Metro to stadium is crowded. Don't stay too long in the pubs in city center. Leave Amsterdam pride behind and make your way in time.
  5. Going to the concert in Amsterdam? Have a look at this:
  6. All the info you need

    You know what? Student hotel West is just five minutes walk to the metro station Jan van Galenstraat, the metro (50 towards Gein) brings you directly to the Amsterdam ArenA! There's no easier way.
  7. All the info you need

    The roof is always closed for concerts.
  8. I Will Follow isn't on the setlist published on the U2 website, maybe you (or other mods) can tell the content manager to correct this? http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561426
  9. All the info you need

    First of all: you cannot buy a ticket on the bus, they don't allow cash (for obvious reasons), so you need to have an OV Chipcard, or an 1 (or more) Day-ticket. From Bijlmer ArenA station you can take some night busses into town. The bus station is in front of the train/metro station, just behing the Pathe Cinema. Bus 755 is leaving at 1:08, 1:38, 2:08 and so on. Journey is about 40 minutes. Bus 757 is leaving at 0:30, 1:00, 1:30 and so on, this one has quite a long route towards city centre. Journey takes about 50 minutes.
  10. All the info you need

    You can walk, it's a long walk and really boring. You can also rent a bicycle and make your way to the stadium. Takes you about 30 minutes. I think you're better off taking the metro.
  11. All the info you need

    Never been to the Royal Palace, so don't know. Have been in the Heineken brewery once, before they changed it to an 'experience'. All I know is that it's quite crowded there, as all museums are right now. Amsterdam is crowded with lots of tourists. Heineken brewery isn't a real brewery anymore, it's just a building and the 'experience'. It can be fun though, I myself prefer a Heineken experience in a pub ;-) If you like photography you can visit the Foam museum, they have an outstanding exhibition of Gordon Parks. A must see if you ask me: https://www.foam.org/home
  12. All the info you need

    You're welcome. And remember, this area holds a football stadium, a huge concert hall (Ziggo Dome, fits 18.000), a smaller concert hall (Afas Live, fits ± 5000) and a huge cinema. We've had days where all venues had events and there were no real problems getting all these people home. So don't worry, as this time it's 'just' a U2 concert...
  13. Info on red zone and gold hot ticket

    My Red Zone mail just arrived.
  14. Amsterdam Fan Parties

    Be aware that are no trains between ArenA and Central Station that night. Last metro will depart shortly after 0:00 hrs. So if you're planning to visit the afterparty at 3&20 you'll have to get a taxi or night bus to get back to town. Check out my post for more info:
  15. All the info you need

    Thank you, and all others in this thread that already thanked me. I love to help people out and make them feel at home. All the best. :-)