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  1. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    How much father and daughter look alike...
  2. The Blackout

    I do live in Amsterdam, but I think I was one of very few that night.
  3. The Blackout

    I was there too, one of the lucky few, really proud that U2 picked my hometown and one of the first cities outside UK and Eire to 'give U2 a break', as Bono once said. When I received the confirmation mail that I was invited I immediately started to find out where in Amsterdam this was going to be. And then, on Friday afternoon, I received a call to come to the Westergasfabriek (Western Gas Factory). So I invited a school friend, who is a U2 fan since the 80's too (in fact she wrote a book about U2) and we headed to the venue. We had to wear black or grey clothing without huge logo's and were told to keep our mouth shut about it. When I arrived I already thought that the filming was not taking place in the Gashouder, which is really huge, but in a small club called 'Westerunie' which is just next to it. Some people, who were on site posted stuff on Twitter, as they do, so the whole 'secret' was blown hours before it actually happened. It's a public place. We had to wait for hours outside while speculating what was going to happen. My friend was really worried U2 were going to perform a new song and shoot the video (which was spot on), but the song was going to be performed a couple of times and it turned out to be a 'reggae kind of ballad' or even worse... When we finally were inside the Gashouder my thoughts were right, there was no filming there, we just had to wait a little (ie: hours) more and were forced to leave our phones and sign all kinds of documents which told us we were entering a new kind of North-Korea :-) Then they led us to the Westerunie and U2 performed this song five times, we were in this small venue full of cameras and cranes and stuff. These cameras had to change spot a couple of times before U2 played the song again. In fact it's really exiting to see no single camera or crane in the video! At a certain moment Edge had troubles with his guitar, Dallas couldn't fix it and Bono got annoyed. He tried to cheer us up by doing a small Stand-up comedy routine: "A dyslectic walks into a bra" :-D When it was all over we where crying for more, sung 'how long to sing this song' but the lads didn't play any extra songs for us. Bono was apologizing and asked people of the record company if we could listen to a brand new song of the forthcoming album, which they did. When I came home (just 10 minutes on the bicycle) I found out that Dutch newspapers and TV where mentioning this special gig already, but they were all wrong with the facts about what really happened. One of them actually wrote that 300 fans where hired and they were all dressed in black :-) I even wrote an article about this, called 'fake news' and was really worried I let too many secrets out, but fortunately I didn't. Here it is (for all Dutchies): http://www.gogmeunited.nl/fake-news/ About the song: I've heard it before, and immediately liked it. Which is not always the case when U2 comes with a first single from a new album... About the venue: last time I was at Westerunie it was for the funeral ceremony of a good friend of ours which passed away way too early. She was a huge U2 fan, so in some way that circle is round now.
  4. The Blackout

    I didn't knew you were there. Would have loved to meet & greet in real life :-)
  5. Remember the Gashouder?

    We have to care, otherwise this could end up in the 'fake news bin' ;-)
  6. U2 fans getting mysterious Blackout letter in the mail

    If you look closely to the date, which is blacked out, it says 17-08-29. Which is today :-)
  7. U2 fans getting mysterious Blackout letter in the mail

    And just hours ago some of us received an email about the video shoot which took place in Amsterdam some weeks ago. The Blackout is their forthcoming single I suppose.
  8. Remember the Gashouder?

    I just received an email by U2 saying 'remember the Gashouder?'. The photo was taken during the video shoot of a coming song of the new Songs of Experience album. The song is called The Blackout and the lucky ones who were present that night in Amsterdam can try and find themselves back on it. In fact this venue isn’t called the ‘Gashouder’ which is the big building where we had to wait (for hours) to witness this video shoot, which took place in a place called Westerunie. Here's a screenshot of the mail:
  9. According to Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' last night was a bit 'on routine' or 'automatic pilot'. Other media were complaining about the sound, but overall the concert was rated with 3 of 4 stars (out of five). For all Dutchies (and those who can understand our language): Volkskrant Parool NRC
  10. Let's hope for some great surprises tonight!
  11. Metro to stadium is crowded. Don't stay too long in the pubs in city center. Leave Amsterdam pride behind and make your way in time.
  12. Going to the concert in Amsterdam? Have a look at this:
  13. All the info you need

    You know what? Student hotel West is just five minutes walk to the metro station Jan van Galenstraat, the metro (50 towards Gein) brings you directly to the Amsterdam ArenA! There's no easier way.
  14. All the info you need

    The roof is always closed for concerts.
  15. I Will Follow isn't on the setlist published on the U2 website, maybe you (or other mods) can tell the content manager to correct this? http://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561426