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  1. Gogme United

    Less gigs this tour?

    Just take a look at the first leg, no single show sold out entirely, of course Europe will do better, but I'm quite sure the we won't see sold out shows, especially when there's more night added.
  2. Gogme United

    Less gigs this tour?

    Well I'm sure you'll get in. Experience taught me that lot's of tickets are still available after the first (Electrical) storm of pre-sale :-) If not the venue will sell tickets that were not sold to their own stakeholders, members and people who failed to pay for purchased tickets. And if you're still without tix you just have to be patient as tickets always show up because people decided not to go, their relationship broke up, they have a different job, holidays, death and all. And they there's always the extra tickets that come available days before the gig because the 'production is smaller than thought' and to prevent scalpers to make more money. Relax, wait and keep on trying once a week, I'm sure you'll make it.
  3. Gogme United

    Less gigs this tour?

    I've decided to go to just one show in Amsterdam (where I live) this tour. My reasons for that are basically the same as yours plus the fact that every U2 show is quite the same these years. The time that they would change the setlist drastically is long gone, the show is for 90% the same every night, only for a few song to change. Too less surprises for me to buy a ticket for another night just to see about four different songs than the night before. I used to combine U2 tours with a short holiday break, we've been in Berlin last year and in Portugal, France, Ireland, England and others in the past. But to take my girlfriend, who isn't the biggest and tallest U2 fan, to a show and spend about €200 for a ticket is a bit too much. That 200 can be spent on much better things in a small weekend break...
  4. Gogme United

    Ticket prices

    As the image is under copyright I cannot post it here, but I did sent you a PM with it ;-)
  5. Gogme United

    eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour Heading To Europe

    I think you can compare UK prices to others in Europe, while you're still in ;-) Amsterdam GA is €75 and most expensive seats (no VIP/Red Zone) are €195. Cheapest seats are €35. So it looks like the 272 pound tickets are VIP and/or RedZone tickets.
  6. Gogme United

    Ticket prices

    Dutch concert promoter Mojo gave some info on the ticket prices for the upcoming E&I Tour: Standing (GA) - €75 Seating (best) - €195 (first tier sides and first six rows of second tier sides) Seating (good) - € 105 (second tier highest rows Seating (fair) - € 75 (first and second tier with no or restricted view at the screen) Seating (cheapest) - € 35 (second tier with no view at the screen) Please use this map for detailed seating plan (including seat numbers, rows and sections): http://www.mapaplan.com/seating-plan/amsterdam-ziggo-dome-arena-zitplaatsen-stoelnummers-zaal-plattegrond/amsterdam-ziggo-dome-arena-plattegrond.htm If you need more info, please let me know.
  7. Gogme United


    Ticket prices for the Amsterdam gig are: €75 GA (standing), €195 Best seating, €105 Seating with decent view (second tier), €75 Seating with restricted view at screen, €35 Seating without view at screen, second tier, opposite the stage. I guess the other European gigs will be basically the same.
  8. Gogme United

    Less gigs this tour?

    The show in Amsterdam was just announced, looks like ticket prizes are comparable with the I&E Tour, GA is €75, best seating tickets are €195, which was €180 two years ago. So I think U2 management have decided not to follow the ridiculous prize plan that was installed for the first leg of the E&I Tour. It's still a lot of money, but I can afford to go to a show, just one...
  9. Gogme United

    Less gigs this tour?

    So basically U2 made a lot of effort to get scalpers out and genuine fans in, but now the genuine fans are a bit over fed by the amount of gigs in the recent years and are still closing the financial gap these tours created. I'm really curious for the announcement of the European leg, I've seen a lot of rumors but no official news yet. Maybe they are considering lower ticket prices to get more shows and maybe they decided that the 'only fans' system needs more improvement before tickets go on sale for Europe.
  10. Gogme United

    Less gigs this tour?

    No, I don't think Bono's voice has anything to do about it. It's better than ever and sounds really good. His health in general can be an issue as he mentioned this in an interview on Dutch TV where he talked about some serious signals that he couldn't go on the way he used to. He mentioned a serious signal, but didn't gave any details. But I really don't think the number of shows are that low due to health or voice issues, when demand is high and venues are available it's better to book four or six nights in NYC then to be a moving circus traveling from city to city for just one or two nights. Demand is low, so the number of shows per city is low. I think that 'squeezing in' an extra tour, like someone else mentioned, is bad for the eagerness of U2 fans to invest in more expensive tickets. In the already mentioned TV-interview the interviewer made some remarks as this album could be U2's last one, Bono and Edge where quite clear to deny this, but if they didn't do so this tour could be their last 'album-based' tour and would sell out immediately...
  11. Gogme United

    Less gigs this tour?

    So far I haven't really dig into the presale for the upcoming E&I Tour, as the European dates aren't announced yet. But looking at the Tour dates in the US and Canada I see a huge decrease of available dates. NYC for example just gets two shows (and had eight for the I&E Tour) so my conclusion is that U2 is far less popular right now. It looks like the gigs haven't sold out as well. Is that because of the quality of the SOE album? Are tickets too expensive and over prized? Are fans tired of U2 seeing them every year now? Or is the 'fans-only' system too rigid for non-U2 fans and others?
  12. According to Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' last night was a bit 'on routine' or 'automatic pilot'. Other media were complaining about the sound, but overall the concert was rated with 3 of 4 stars (out of five). For all Dutchies (and those who can understand our language): Volkskrant Parool NRC
  13. Metro to stadium is crowded. Don't stay too long in the pubs in city center. Leave Amsterdam pride behind and make your way in time.
  14. Going to the concert in Amsterdam? Have a look at this: