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  1. Any tips on where to stay in Berlin? First time going abroad and I'm going solo
  2. Any Americans Going/Gone to Dublin Show?

    Safe travels to all us Americans travelling to see the boys abroad! I hope to see them in Ireland one day. Maybe next tour...whenever and if ever that will happen.
  3. Hoping I can see U2 on my birthday in Berlin, God willing.

  4. eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour Heading To Europe

    It's not often that it lands right on my birthday. Maybe close to it (like the Detroit date last year that I cancelled going), but the exact day? No way! Maybe the stars will align and I can make it. Will have to nix a US date to do so, though. That's awesome you got to see them on your birthday! A U2 show is always fun and birthday shows are even better, so I hear.
  5. eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour Heading To Europe

    The Berlin show is on my birthday... Birthday gift if I am able to get tickets! Well, can I even afford the trip? I don't know. It would be nice to see U2 on my birthday, though, ya know, since Harvey ruined that trip for me last year. I'll still dream out loud.
  6. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Each time I listen to the record, I hear something new. It has been a grower for me. I wasn't that thrilled after hearing it from the start. Call me crazy, but I liked SOI from the start.
  7. I never got a shipping confirmation, unless it went to my spam mail. However, the package just showed up on my porch on Dec 16.

    You might want to go to the forums for the new tour to ask to heighten your chances of someone seeing your request.
  9. Are all GA tickets created equal ?

    I don't know if you are on Facebook, but a lot of the info is shared through various Facebook groups. If you are on Facebook, find the group for the particular show you are attending. There you will find out more about the line as the time nears. Just don't ask about it now. People will get riled up.
  10. Ah no. I was going to buy the ticket under my account and just have them reimburse me and I send them the ticket once it arrived. I wouldn't want to risk cancelling my order.
  11. I was trying to be nice and help someone out who couldn't access the presales, but TM won't let me be great.
  12. Looking for 1 GA to Tulsa

    Just PM'ed you.
  13. You have to clean the cookies from the browser. It keeps happening to me too each time I hit "Find Tickets".
  14. As another option, hope there will be a ticket drop sooner or later