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  1. I've finally started going through my U2 photos. The Edge giving it all as usual, Sydney 2
  2. Happy New Year Zootopians, may 2020 be awesome for you too !
  3. Yes, ticket collection in day if show only 😊 As for arrival time, depends how close you would like to be to the rail. We arrived around 90 minutes before gates open & got a great spot in front of the tree stage. but if you want a more relaxed experience you could arrive later, still be close & have a great view ! We were told there are only 500 red zone tickets sold + about 60 for friends of the band (keep an eye out, you might see someone !)
  4. Ps I had the brief pleasure of bumping into Mich after Sydney 1 and I can confirm that she is as lovely in real life as she us in the Zoo 😊
  5. I hope it was everything you had wished for ! Both Sydney shows were amazing, probably the best shows I’ve seen U2 do. And as an added bonus you got to see Australia in all its glory
  6. How is Harry getting shots from all round the stadium ? Very jealous..
  7. I think I might have just a little dust in my eyes... Hard to believe the southern Hemisphere leg is over so soon. Was a great couple if weeks
  8. Outstanding to get these out for everyone 👍 Phone signal was poor inside the stadium last night
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