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  1. A California record store has copies. http://catalog.1234gorecords.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=23930
  2. I forgot that TM doesn't work with Safari for me. It gives errors when I tell TM to find a ticket. After 3 minutes of errors, I remembered and opened Google Chrome. 2 minutes after that, I had a ticket.
  3. I'm planning to show up at 2pm, but it could be an hour or 2 later. Depends on when I leave (9am?), hotel check-in, and traffic. Look for a tall guy with a big nose and grey hair in a blue dodgers cap.
  4. I'm sure it's fine, but I'm bringing receipts just in case. It's yours if you want it.
  5. I have one, but it has a small risk of not being picked up by the scanner. I got it in a separate order from my first.
  6. The 360 GA line was at the north end of the stadium. They said parking lots and lines wouldn't be open/allowed until later, but lots were open when I showed up (8 or 9am) and the line had a few hundred in it already. Around 3pm, I came back from my car to find the GA line dashing forward into a blob. I skipped the porta-potty, took my best guess for where I belonged, and dove in. Showing up by 5pm was plenty early enough on Wednesday to get a good floor spot, but that wasn't on a weekend.
  7. I should have said that Bono gestured for Adam to stop. A big jet silently took off directly over the stadium during Beautiful Day's chorus in a coincidental flashback to the video. That happened with almost every song, though. I was off the corner of the b-stage where Larry's drums are, maybe 10 people deep parallel with the main stage. I reckoned that was to get him out of the way of the red zone's view. My b-stage view was primarily of Larry's back, but it was fine since I could still see the other 3. People 10 feet behind me may have been a little better placed.
  8. I have an extra. I bought my tickets via 2 orders, but with the same credit card. If the device sees the first order's ticket and they can't get the thing to look for the 2nd order's, it'd be a problem.
  9. Adam was a bar or 2 off. Bono figured it out when he started singing. Bono told Adam to stop, then gave him the wrong cue for when to start. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Larry eventually gave Adam the properly-timed cue with a big point at Adam, but Bono had it figured that time as well. When they started at 9pm sharp, I knew it was going to end with Little Things instead of I Will Follow. the full setlist with extra snippets http://www.u2gigs.com/show1990.html There was a little couplet about the bay area that Bono made up in Beautiful Day. Edge stares at his wife dancing with
  10. The city has been informed that U2 is going to blow past the 10pm curfew.
  11. Santa Clara City Council ruled to end the show at the 10pm curfew. The stadium told mass transit 11pm. The City Council was supposed to figure out what's up at tonight's meeting. (edit) The city was informed that they're going past 10pm which I'll assume means 11.
  12. Shuffle the first encore into the first section and you're much closer to what the band has been saying.
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