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    Music, writing and composing. I am singer for Krank. Family days in and out. Trying to take over the world now and again...
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    Achtung Baby
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    Where The Streets Have No Name
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    ZOO TV Outside Broadcast Wembley Stadium 8th August 1993
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    360 Cardiff Millennium Stadium 22nd August 2009
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    No Line On The Horizon Promo Tour London 27th February 2009
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    TOOL, Pearl Jam, Led Zepp, The Cure, Radiohead

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  1. Hey Pete! Yes it is by chance, I can read this. Or have...thanks to Mich who passed it my way, bless her... Nice one you saw Tool! I am glad you enjoyed their set, they are truly a special band ain't they! New album August 30th too... How are you anyhow?
  2. They also used Harry's Game by Clannad for the War and Unforgettable Fire tours too. All You Need Is Love by The Beatles for The Joshua Tree tour. (Oh I made a post Mich)
  3. No I don't have the band anymore, although still writing, but not putting anything out as yet...having fun doing these covers!
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