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    Music, writing and composing. I am singer for Krank. Family days in and out. Trying to take over the world now and again...
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    Achtung Baby
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    Where The Streets Have No Name
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    ZOO TV Outside Broadcast Wembley Stadium 8th August 1993
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    360 Cardiff Millennium Stadium 22nd August 2009
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    No Line On The Horizon Promo Tour London 27th February 2009
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    TOOL, Pearl Jam, Led Zepp, The Cure, Radiohead

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  1. Thanks! Hope everyone is staying alive!
  2. So no speech that they have to go away and dream it all up again... More like they have to go away and finish Songs of Experience and start again next year, fingers crossed.
  3. We will go and twist ams lol Hopefully not Larry, Edge's or Adam's. They need them. wow... nice to see you again!!! Look who the cat dragged in. I am only here because I am an Eagles fan...x
  4. God fans already moaning about the setlist for the dvd/blu ray. Who cares? This is the gig that will be remembered for their return to Paris and not the set list. Surely?
  5. Ah yeah Max, I thought the Ginger guy on the left was Josh, that's Bono.
  6. Thanks Max! I have been following the shows and set lists, just did feel like posting about it. It has been a good tour, plenty of good things on the e stage. Hows you?
  7. We will go and twist ams lol Hopefully not Larry, Edge's or Adam's. They need them.
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