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  1. Repeating the same segment from the innocence tour for the major portion of ei tour was in my opinion a misjudgement. Not that it wasn't enjoyable but i just thought why is it being repeated. This was supposed to be about experience this time round. Despite the fancy screen i actually didnt look at it much during the show, and if you were behind the stage at either end you wouldnt have seen it much anyway. So the songs have to carry the day and that middle portion from the innocence tour badly needed change, assuming you had been at the innocence tour. My original vision for an experience to
  2. I really don't think it's necessary to line up all day like that. Doors open 7.30pm. that's plenty of time to go in, grab a drink and find a spot. there'll be natural movement around, I know i'll be wanting to check out the stage from different angles and just enjoy the experience. I really hope that I don't encounter people like I did on 360 that didn't understand general admission means there are no reserved places on the floor. so if someone comes along and stands beside you they are entitled to do that, they have paid their money same as anyone.
  3. how on earth is it possible for floor tickets to be sold out in pre-sale? are they releasing all the tickets or just a small number? the whole point of having a pre sale is to give preferential access to members/fans. It makes the pre sale a nonsense if you don't get the preferential access you should get.
  4. Likewise I found it a simple process for Vancouver 2. Got 2 GA no problem. Tried looking at lower bowl..section 106 were 300 bucks...too rich for my blood. GA $82 each. the cheapes were $41 but when you select them it didn't show any as available which is hard to believe.
  5. Lol..good luck with the quarterly reports
  6. I'd imagine the red zone would be beside the main stage, don't you think?
  7. is it definitely a rectangular stage? My choice of ticket depends on if they play at the end of the arena or in the middle?
  8. I know someone that has the same problem. I'm guessing they are having technical issues. I think you can still access the site. Its just it will say unverified under the Account Info section.
  9. I know someone who subscribed and didn't receive their verification email, you know the one where they send you an email and you click on the link to activate the account. so they paid the subscription but the account isn't activated as such.
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