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  1. Yes... That's why I came here to see if anyone else is having the same "experience" that I am. I am listening on my desktop computer. It cuts off songs midstream and switches to another song. I was trying to figure out if it is intentional or not. Whatever is causing it, it's annoying.
  2. No, both emails came from redeem(at)ticketmaster.com with the subject line: IMPORTANT: Your U2 Ticket Order (which caused my heart to skip a beat when I got the first one because I feared they had cancelled my order or something!).
  3. And much of this additional language on the FAQs has been added since the pre-sale debacle. I have a hard copy print out of the FAQs that I printed on Nov. 5th and it makes no mention of some of this stuff.
  4. I got the email about redeeming my album offer for my ticket purchase for NYC 1 on Nov. 16th. Just got an email to redeem my album offer for my ticket purchase for Philly 1 yesterday. Assuming it's because Philly ticketing is handled through the Wells Fargo instead of TM. Still not sure why we need to enter our mailing address to have the CD mailed to us... They have all that info on file in our accounts!
  5. No, U2 isn't going to get out of their contracts with LN and TM, nor do I have any reason to believe that they want to. However, they could require certain accommodations. For example, they could have demanded that every fan club member get a code to be eligible to try for tickets (as it has been in the past few presales) or require that extra customer support agents be available to more promptly resolve the issues that will arise. Now that the presale has turned out to be so massively frustrating for many (maybe most) fans, U2 could go to LN and TM and require that codes be released to a
  6. I posted these thoughts as a response in another thread, but feel like I need to re-post as a new topic: I have lucked out and had mostly positive experiences getting tickets for U2 shows over the last several tours (going back to the Vertigo tour). It's not all been a bed of roses for sure, and there has been way too much stress over getting concert tickets. However, I have been able to get good tickets for the shows I have wanted to attend without having to go out on the resale market. However, I am saddened by the fact that the members of U2 allow crap like this to happen over and over
  7. I couldn't agree more with what Bill writes in this post. I, too, had a mostly good experience this time, so I don't have any complaints for myself. However, I am saddened by the fact that the members of U2 allow crap like this to happen over and over again EVERY time tickets go on sale. The ticket prices are exorbitant; fans can't get tickets; the software/customer service is never adequate to handle the demand. But it doesn't have to be like this. U2 could demand that LiveNation and Ticketmaster do things differently. They, probably more than any other band in the world, have the power and t
  8. Just adding my support for the moderators. It is clear how dedicated you all are to U2 and their fans. Thank you so much for your hard work and endless patience and good humor.
  9. Yep, sad but true. Now they have all our mobile numbers, which they will probably sell to telemarketers. Grrr...
  10. People are experiencing glitches with RedZone and GA in some cities (NYC, for sure). Just have your plan all thought out... what's your first choice, second choice, etc. It helps me to think more calmly when the clock is ticking and your heart is racing!
  11. I couldn't get RedZone to come up at all for NYC. Got them for Philly but they run a different ticketing software that is a Ticketmaster partner, but not standard Ticketmaster site. I had the Philly RZ purchase done in less than 1 minute. Kept trying for NYC and then I just gave up and purchased other seats very close to Adam's side of the stage. During the iNNOCENCE+eXPERIENCE tour a few years ago, I went to two shows in Madison Square Garden. For one show, I got lower level tickets very similar to the ones I ended up getting today for the June 25th show and they were great seats. (They
  12. I got the email shortly after posting that comment. Thanks, Bigwave (John)!
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