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  1. Hey Bungo, I understand that, but 115$ instead of $305?? I'de be sitting next to someone that paid 1/3 my price?!?! We're talking lots of tickets here for all 4 nights + I thought packages were just tickets w a couple of xtra merchandise items, unless you buy a hotel ++ package, but either way, are'nt packages just tix w extras, the tix sell wether xtras or not, they're not "put aside"?? My question is were they're other venues that have done that to this extent (lots of tix for all nights)?
  2. Evenko, promoter-seller here in Montreal for Bell Ctr., just put up many $305 tix for sale at $115, including for nights 1+ 2 that were apparently sold out!! Nights 3 + 4 also now have $115 tix that were $305.... these are real good lower level facing the screen, including first 10 rows etc etc...... If I had bought $305 tix in December & now see that people can buy them for $115 & seat next to me I would be pissed!! How can they possibly explain that & not look like rip-off artists/sob's?!
  3. Whoa.... if I had bought $305 tix when they went on sale last December & now see that I could get the seats next to me for $115, man, I would be pissed!!! How does Evenko explain this?!?! Up to this past weekend, show 1 + 2 were sold out, now have many $305 tix for $115, same for shows 3 + 4 but they were not sold out, only the $305's left, now many of those are at $115?!?!
  4. Hi Train, try this link..... seems you've got some 'kinda wierd browser issue loll .. are you checking via mobile, 'cause it is still the normal lay-out... https://wroom.centrebell.ca/eventShopperV3.html?lang=fr&preFill=1&skin=evenko&wr=8a469b6d-5a04-4f23-b312-9bc5cbf5af03&_ga=1.69888467.2143514279.1433461221
  5. Train, right now @ 7:40pm Montreal time, it is back to normal (the real i + e drawing, no change to RZ) ... you probably fell on an IT blip....
  6. Hey Mark, believe it or not, I am one of those fans that likes ALL U2 periods.... yes we do exist .... although I do like some albums more than others, each one has minimum 3-4 little jewels, some many many jewels
  7. Whoa... that is totally nuts... guess he was'nt a U2 Zootopian, total lack of ''community'' values .... maybe he sold a bunch of others for a tidy profit...
  8. From Willie Williams interview in Live Design magazine, link posted by Bigwave, Thx Dude ''We fully intended to have two different set lists and make it a pair of shows. This idea survived all the way to the beginning of the music rehearsals, at which point it became apparent that it wasn’t really viable. I really believe that they could have rehearsed enough songs for two shows, and I would have very much enjoyed being able to delve into the catalog, but the question of which songs would be left out of any given show became too big to get around. The potential upset that a punter buys a ti
  9. Hey Jeff, like I wrote though, I bought 8 xtra's thinking friends would scoop them up (no one reserved them before onsale)... anyway, 6 got taken 4 months ago, 2 left but sold those also 2 days ago ... but this tour is definitelly not an ''event'' like 360, where MTL sold out 2 x 80,000 (still tix left for MTL 3 & 4, I think this time though it is really a price point issue, way more expensive than 360)....
  10. Pluck, they just changed the location of the Red Zone, it is now by the i stage instead of the e stage... this was discussed ad-nauseum in other threads when the RZ's were finalized a few days before the show's started.... RZ was always indicated by the e stage (or b stage/secondary stage/etc) before the onsale throughout these forums (until Live Nation placed the RZ by i stage few days before shows started), not sure where you got the idea that RZ was by main stage originally.... just saying. Stage itself has NOT been flipped around, just RZ changed ends.... you will still have an excellent
  11. Where are you seeing the revised map on Evenko, I am getting the same map that has always been there. Map for Montreal DID change though on Stubhub and the orientation of the stages have completely flipped! Pop, you are right about the new layout now on Stubhub, was not there yesterday morning, but it is wrong. Evenko has the proper one, I would trust Evenko's site way ahead of Stub since they are the official sellers.... you need to go into the ''buy tickets'' screen to see the layout, here is the link, not sure it will work as it is a Flash link, either way, check it out yourself by pr
  12. Like Jeff and Silverbullet said, the locations of the main stage and e-stage have not changed--BUT--they were never indicated at all on the original maps. The original (super-unhelpful) TM maps just showed a long rectangle with the RZs on the right. It took a lot of sleuthing by various folks to figure out (from ticket prices, limited view warnings, and finding the San Jose venue map) where the main stage and e-stages were going to be. And in any case, what's changed are the RZs. In the end I concur..... Mikeman your description of the 1st image is right (but we here in MTL w Evenko ha
  13. Dude... shop around, lots of tix up for sale at cost or close to it, for Toronto ACC, Kijiji etc, & even here in this forum.... there may not be GA at cost but you're a little late in the game to be whining about it, if you were a subscriber & had a pre-sale code at onsale you had a real good shot at GA's, if you tried..... not to be too critical, but your post is pretty lame at this point.....
  14. Hey Apples, they just put up the actual stage design also (as opposed to the original onsale map) for the Montreal Bell Ctr on Evenko.ca (ticket seller for MTL, it's not Ticketmaster here).... Thank God though, the i & e stages are at the same ends as the original undetailed map/plan. I think they must have done that, put up the proper detailed map/drawing, for all the venues after the bad PR brought on by the LA shows, flipped stages compared to original layout for onsale. I'm sure it was Live Nation that FINALLY decided to get their act together regarding that aspect of the tour, althou
  15. 1 ticket still available!!! Maybe they are selling them by singles??
  16. This is weird, Evenko.ca for Bell Ctr. has only a 1 GA ticket, try for 2 and "not available" comes up?!?! HURRY UP FOLKS, GLTA!!!
  17. Hi Vertigo, yeah I hear you about 360... oddly enough I was opposite for 360, I had 24 tix to that but they all went easily, probably 'cause they were all $50 GA's (despite they were in MTL for 2 nights)... and the very impressive stage, I feel it was more of an ''event'' than this tour. Of course it has not helped this time with the delay to the start of the tour 'cause of Bono's terribly timed injuries which resulted in very low key build-up.... tour was supposed start Jan.-Feb I think.. no Jimmy Fallon for the week, not much news while Bono recovered for months etc. As for checking w people
  18. If we all remember, not only did they clearly say there would be different songs/feelings/etc night to night when they put tix up for sale/announced the tour, but just a few days before the tour actually began (they admitted they were dropping the ''2 different nights'' thing), they then said, instead, that at least there would be a different 2nd half of shows from night to night, it was clear in the NY Times interview. That has not happened either in my mind..... So, yeah, it does 'kinda suck....
  19. Hey Kwaite, I'm 'kinda just taking a poll if regular fans have had trouble passing on/selling their tix to friends etc if they bought some xtras for that purpose, i.e. to have a few/several friends get together for the shows etc..... I sold mine to friends for cost, that was my intention, but I find there are very few ''casual'' fans interested in this tour.... Which brings me to the disappointment of the band being veeeeerrryyyyy conservative on the concert playlists for different nights (little casual fans so no need for a ''greatest hits'' every night), but that's another subject, to which
  20. Hi All, was wondering, after 8 shows now, if many people (mostly long time/real fans, not the casuals) have had to eat some tickets 'cause of friends bailing (for whatever reason)?? I realize it probably has a lot to do with how many shows are in a particular city, but looks like there are tons of available tix out there & not just from the scalpers. I am in Montreal, band here for 4 nights & there is an average of 800 resale tix available for each nights 1 & 2 , 450 resale tix for each nights 3 + 4 that also have regular tix for sale from Evenko (although vast majority the $300 ti
  21. SOLD ...... Hi All, friend had to bail, hard copy tix selling for cost: section 433, row A (1st row) seats 17 + 18. You WILL see the screen no problem, these are NOT arena ends where you don't see the screen, PM me, POV pix here:
  22. Word. I'm really disappointed in the lack of variety... I was not overly hopeful that the 2 nights back to back would be THAT different..but this same old/same old and only changing 2 songs is sooooooooo predictable of them that it makes me not want to go to anymore shows. I've been going back and forth about going to NYC but spending $1000 on 2 more shows this half of the tour doesn't make sense...I'll wait until next leg. At least Phx 2 had 4 different songs from Phx 1...so I'm fairly sure I'll be done after LA 3 and 4. Ditto....
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