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  1. As per Big Wave, use this link, it works brings you to proper Evenko page I am in MTL too... Good Luck!!
  2. Could not have said it better or more politely Manohlive!!
  3. To all the Worry Warts out there, pls read words used in the posts regarding what U2.com Team members say/write, perfect example above: - Registration does not guarantee a pre-sale code. There is a difference between "registration" & "subscription". You can register as a U2.com member without being a "Subscriber" to U2.com. I first registered as a U2.com member my first couple of years a few years ago, registering just allows you to have a member name, Forum posting priveliges & certain website areas access. Subscribing (at 50$/year, 40$/year renewal) gives you full acce
  4. There is no email confirm from U2.com once you have Completed Set-up, just the "Set-Up Complete" box on your U2.com account page.. You may be talking about an email confirm/receipt that you signed up/paid/subscribed to U2.com, that is a different item, that may take a few hrs., but will not affect your "Set-up Complete" status. Cheers.
  5. OK Thx Bigwave..... I assume it's U2.com that sends out the code, so when I change my profile/subscription member mobile # I'll get the link & code no problem?
  6. Hi All, especially All Moderators. Long story short, I have moved to a very remote & isolated Northern Quebec region this past week, Kuujjuak to be precise. My Montreal mobile phone service & provider of course does not work here (there is little/no cell service here).I have a VOIP phone/Magic Jack, but that is a landline & there is no mobile web access here. I have been a long time paid U2.com member All this to ask, can I change my current Verified Fan mobile number to another one to receive the text w my pre-sale code?? Is it possible to receive via email for persons i
  7. Hey All, check this out, highlights of a 30 minute show!!! And it will light up every night (but not like this inauguration party) for the next 10 years!!
  8. Hey Manohlive, my pleasure It always astonishes me how much people bitch & complain without doing it directly to the source of the problem. And you are correct, it can be surprising how often this feedback actually works. I just added the Facebook suggestion too, should have mentionned it before, as it is probably now the most direct & effecient way of doing it in today's social media driven PR And yeah, Larry got involved in the Vertigo tour pre-sale debacle, but I think the letter he wrote was to let us know that the band had forced Ticketmaster to re-boot the 1st pre-sale,
  9. Good article & advice for people still hoping to bag tix .... + I would add that on many occasions I have bagged tickets at below cost a few days prior to the concert (just take a look at some of those resale prices, don't worry, those asking prices will be waaaayyyy down by show time) You heard it here 1st http://www.atu2.com/news/i-didnt-get-u2-tickets-what-now.html
  10. Hello All, just a semi-commentary. Yes Ticketmaster really really sucks. Yes Ticketmaster is owned by Live Nation. Yes, Ticketmaster's selling of tickets process is often times very poor & frustrating. As the Forum Moderators have done (these brave folks have the patience of Angels ), in several posts re. the JTT ticket purchase issues, see below some links to write or call with your displeasure to Ticketmaster directly. And of course, probably the best, most visible & quickest way to let Ticketmaster &/or Live Nation know your displeasure is to comment directly on their
  11. Did you not verify where the seats were on the venue map before you bought them?? .... it is clear where those seats are located in relation to the stage.
  12. I just tried for Pasadena, just for the hell of it, got GA no problem, used the mobile app.....
  13. If what you say is accurate...they shouldn't love the Big O these days. In the 80's, the Big O didn't have a roof on it, so it might have been OK. The sonics are so bad now at the Olympic Stadium that you can't even understand what's being said over a PA system. The sound at Popmart was horrendous, whereas the sound at 360 (outside) was fantastic, and the sound at the Bell Centre is passable. Hey Counting, I'll give you that, the Big Owe sound is pretty crappy.... I saw them there for JT'87 + I saw them there for Zoo TV, if I recall the sound was ok'ish for a cavernous place even for Z
  14. Valid argument & point taken Like I say, Bono now says he wants to go out & meet you guys & try to better understand what happened .... and maybe change some SOE song lyrics (hence the album delay) Don't forget they have always worn their hearts on their sleeves, with sometimes questionable results and like it or not. I hope for you guys too that the hysteria does die down.... but not sure how that is gonna happen if your new President keeps Tweeting the way he has been loll .... up here in The True North, we say when the US gets the sniffles, we get the flu loll Cheers!
  15. Huummm.... wow ... I heard about the Bullet Blue Sky at this concert but had not seen it. I'm surprised to be honest, I don't think I've ever seen the band be this specific during a concert. Well, now that the election is a done deal I'm thinking Bono & the Boyz would cut back on being that specific especially seeing as they are doing JTT in the southern GOP states.... but who knows. 'Gotta admit though, it is powerfull & they make a good point ... I'm in Montreal Canada, I assume you're in the US, I hope for you guys that Trump's Cabinet is more measured than he his, as indicated in
  16. Hey Streak, I never thought the band would hurl Trump insults during the show/tour, they never have specifically targeted specific people w direct insults, at least I don,t recall that during any of their tours, they do however preach for tolerance & positive change on specific matters regularly during tours; in 2011 Iranian demonstrations for democracy, ONE campaigns, etc, during IE Tour it was about Syrian refugees & European extreme right movements etc. I don't think you need to worry about Trump bashing during JTT, oddly enough a lot of people seem to be thinking that, I am surpri
  17. U2 don't hate Montreal's Olympic Stadium, in fact it is well known that it is at that stadium that U2 realised they are good enough to do stadiums, back in the '80's. They have done Joshua Tree 87, Zoo TV and POP Mart at that stadium. The reason they did not go to the stadium in 2011 was mainly the size of the 360 Claw-stage, specifically the center spire that would not fit in the now roof covered stadium. They were other technical issues as well, but it was mostly the spire not fitting under the stadium roof, it was too complicated from an engineering standpoint to lower the spire by shorte
  18. I wish they'd just shut up about Trump. I can understand Bono preaching about migrant crisis' and Africa etc. (although I don't like being preached in the middle of a concert) But seriously I feel the election of a president in a democratic exercise in a country none of them we're born in has NOTHING to do with them. I know people are upset and I get that but all these bands moaning on about it...get a grip. Hey Richie, when I started this post several weeks ago that's what seemed most likely to me re. the release delays.... I would have been less dissapointed if that was the cas
  19. Hey everyone..... starting to think the new album, aka SOE, is actually being delayed because Apple is not ready yet with the secret "new" music platform or distribution method that was talked about back in Sept. 2014 at the release of SOI. Remember both the band & Apple talking how they were working on this new method of music distribution so that people would want to start paying again for music? How U2 & Apple were working on "changing the game", that it was going to be irresistable because of all the xtra interaction you would get w the music &/or the band? To me it is clea
  20. I am hoping the DVD is better than the original live broadcast from a camera shots point of view. I am probably in the minority here, but from a ''concert footage'' image & camera shots/angles/view, the live broadcast was dissapointing, too many close-ups, nowhere near enough wide shots of stage/screen/lighting effects etc.... even the pre-live broadcast commercial had better shots than the broadcast itself & many of the commercial's shots/camera views never showed up in the live broadcast.... EBTTRT had awesome stage screen graphics-effects-shots going on at the end of the song &
  21. I get HBO On Demand free also for 30 days. This worked out perfect cause we have HBO until January 6th. I believe if you pay for HBO you get On Demand and HBO Go, and whatever else they have included in the price. Ah, Good on 'ya Surrenders .... you don't have a dvr?? would make a great Xmas gift from one of your family/friends... hint hint... & that gives you time to record the concert in glorious HD colour by Jan. 6th!! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year my friend
  22. Thx Max.... but I'm good w HBO Canada, I recorded it anyway on my dvr in glorious hd colour ... still want more wide shots though loll ... hopefully the IE concert DVD will be better, I mean just camera views/angles wise... not a big fan of lots of close ups of the Boyz as opposed to nice wide shots of the lighting/screen/crowds for a concert dvd.
  23. Hey Surrender, you mean you can't see it on regular HBO (you got a free month right?) before the 22nd unless you do it "on demand" ? You pay xtra/on demand fee for that??
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