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    1st Croke Park, Dublin gig Vertigo Tour 2005
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  1. Downloaded the four tracks and I can play them on Quick Player. I saved them to iTunes and they're there but it won't allow me to play them. Anything I'm missing?
  2. I ordered two collector tickets for Berlin 1. I'm Irish and don't speak German. While booking, the page didn't automatically translate to English so I panicked and booked. My delivery method states "Austria." Is there a way I can change that so I can just pick up the tickets at the box office in Berlin? Thanks
  3. Got them for Berlin. They were available for Manchester too but you needed a UK address. Don't know if they were available for the Belfast or Dublin dates as I got paperless credit card entry standing tickets
  4. Hi folks, Is there a link to the prices of the European shows? Specifically the Berlin, Manchester and yet to be announced Irish shows. I can find a price range but I'd like to know what GA and seating tickets cost. Also, any rumours when Irish shows will be announced? They'll probably be end of October/start of November after London, right and in the Point and Odyssey? 4 Dublin shows and 2 Belfast shows like i&e or 2 and 1 as this tour doesn't seem to have that many dates. Thanks
  5. I'm going tomorrow, 5th time seeing them at Croker. I've seen them in New Jersey and London this tour and not interested in queuing the whole day. I am however wondering does anyone know what time the band get to the stadium and what entrance they go in? A friend of mine got photos when they played the Point in 2015 with all the band. Will they take photos and sign autographs beforehand?
  6. I went to the New York and London concerts. I have to admit New York was better as it was pitch black when they came on stage but London was still brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed London and I was with a mate who was seeing them for the first time this tour and he thought it was epic. He was at the Coldplay concert in Croke Park the night before and he said that was unreal too. Croke Park is a brilliant place to see any band when the place is full so don't worry. Dublin will be my 10th U2 concert and 5th in Croke Park. There is nothing like seeing U2 in Dublin. As has been said previously, the
  7. I'm 26 and have been a fan since I was 7 when they released the Greatest Hits of the 80s. I've seen them 7 times and will be seeing them 3 times this summer. - June 24th 2005 Croke Park, Dublin Vertigo Tour - July 24th 2009 Croke Park, Dublin 360 Tour - July 25th 2009 Croke Park, Dublin 360 Tour - July 27th 2009 Croke Park, Dublin 360 Tour - October 29th 2015 Millenium Dome, London i&e Tour - November 18th 2015 Odyssey Arena, Belfast i&e Tour - November 27th 2015 The Point Depot, Dublin i&e Tour - June 28th 2017 The Meadowlands, New Jersey J
  8. I think and hope they'll focus the majority of the setlist on the 80s. This is my ideal setlist which I created on Spotify and plays really well. Beautiful Day Out Of Control The Electric Co. Gloria I Will Follow Running To Stand Still Red Hill Mining Town The Unforgettable Fire Trip Through Your Wires Exit One Tree Hill In God's Country Angel Of Harlem Desire Bullet The Blue Sky New Years Day The Sweetest Thing All I Want Is You Where The Streets Have No Name Pride With Or Without You Mothers Of The Disappeared Sunday Bloody Sunday I Still Haven't Found What
  9. GA for the Meadowlands, Twickenham 2 and Croker. Cannot wait!
  10. Thanks. I'll do without the collectors ticket. Got one for Dublin anyway!
  11. Trying to buy two tickets for Twickenham and only delivery method is standard mail and only for people in Britain and the North East of Ireland. I'm from Dublin. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  12. GA for NJ and Dublin and hopefully London 2!
  13. Hi all, any idea when they will add second shows? A friend is gonna use his presale code for Dublin 1 while I'd like to use mine for Dublin 2. Is there a presale for added gigs?
  14. Hi folks, I've been a member but very rarely ever comment on the forums although I do check in to them especially around the time of a new album and tour. I went to London last month to see U2. First time I saw them outside of Dublin and first time indoors too. I was then part of the crew whose presale codes weren't working when the Irish dates were announced. I managed to get Belfast when tickets went on sale to the public as Dublin was all gone. I had given up hope of seeing U2 this tour in our hometown until a friend of mine who lives in London bought tickets on stubhub the day of the c
  15. All standing tickets for the six shows are sold out. Saturday in Dublin is fully sold out. Rang U2 and they gave me a new code but paying more to sit down for a less enjoyable experience is a pain. Thinking about not going to any. I am going to London but seeing them in Ireland is brilliant.
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