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    Sept 24 1984 Perth Australia
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    May 31 2015 LA California
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    First show in 1984 and also the 3 times during 360 I went onstage with ONE lamps. TJT Sydney 2 when I got a drumstick handed to me by Larry
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    Larry probably...cause he is a unicorn lol ... although Adam is cool as are Bono and The Edge. Still to get their autographs

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  1. Couldn't agree more, the U2 mafia are a self entitled bunch of ....... and they treated local.fans like absolute ....
  2. Agree 100% regards the self serving U2 mafia who 'ran' these lines. It's a shame Justin and other U2 security support them. Although Seoul entry with numbered tickets was beyond ridiculous and dangerous. U2 security coukd have coached the Korean stadium in how to manage as with Tokyo culturallythere was an expectation people would get into numbered order not taking into account the mixed nation crowd.
  3. Melbourne GA is an embaressnent to U2 fans ... the sooner this stops the better. Some of the behaviour of these self appointed Q admin is disgusting
  4. Hey does anyone have any more information regards SS tickets yet. I thought I had bought a GA but just checked and I bought SS... must be going senile as don't remember why I chose that one lol thanks
  5. Hi Iā€™m in Perth Australia but am keen to go to Seoul and Japan...any idea or links to where presales are or where I can sign up...would like GAs in Aust...got first group code yay but had planned a South Korea/Japan holiday later this eR soooooo excited to see them there...first saw the boys Sept 24/1984 Perth...bought my sister a ticket for her birthday and last in LA for i&e. Love U2 and U2 fans even more...and I did the Walk On 3 times for 360 tour...what a high that was
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