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  1. Please I'm praying folks - won't someone answer my prayer!!
  2. It's been pretty much those two only so far, they did do black hole sun one night as well as rainy night in soho. It would be good to do something a little different for Dublin but from my experience over the years the intro/start would be the same as the rest of the tour
  3. Would recommend having some lunch in Dalkey and a pint in Bono's local as well, Finnegans Have a great trip!
  4. Hi Jurgac, if trielen29 doesn't take the tickets please let me know - I really really need them!! Thanks
  5. Hi Bruindr - if Asterix passes on this then I'm very interested... let me know!
  6. Hi all, Am posting in the hope that someone will be able to help out a true fan! I'm looking for one GA Pitch 1 ticket... I'm working in Dublin city centre and happy to meet anywhere around Dublin... I live and hope! Thanks JP
  7. Really good article here on rolling stone as they continue to hype the tour! I found this question and answer interesting:
  8. Based on you coming and seeing them in Ireland for the first time, it has to be pitch 2!
  9. Hey guys, I rang this number 001-8558675297 and got sorted with a new code after a while and got tickets for Saturday. I PM'd Max to remove me off the list Forum mods - thanks for your work on this, the only place on the web were anyone seems to be communicating on the issue.
  10. Cheers mate, really appreciate the effort your putting in - do you have any timelines?
  11. Big Wave, Max & mich40 -> what are the chances that us affected people have missed out already on these tickets??
  12. To confirm your code worked and you got tickets?! Fair play!
  13. My presale code isn't working on ticketmaster... what do I do?!
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