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  1. That used to be the case previously and is supposed to be the same this time around. 4 tickets, no matter if for 1, 2, 3, or 4 separate shows.
  2. I missed to say that the 'seats' are on the inside of the RZ. What you see in the picture is the 'front' rail of the RZ. In LA the RZ was a complete enclosure leaving space behind RZ and the side walls. Might be different in Montreal based on their floor width.
  3. Flip down seats. Don't think they will let you stand on them.
  4. Best guestimate is 8:10 - 8:20. Enjoy the show!!!!!
  5. I saw a couple of shows in LA. One in GA and one in the seats, middle of the arena. From what I saw, I would probably tend to claim a rail spot either in the actual RZ area or (if the venue lets you) get on the GA rail. Even along the catwalk is a lot of close up action. e-stage is pretty classic too. You never know what might happen there. The piano broke at one of the shows which provided a lot of entertainment with Bono buying some time interacting with the crowd. Other than the seats right behind the goals (no view of the big screen) I don't think there is a bad spot in the house.
  6. Also for 6-17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go get them while they are hot!!!
  7. GA TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR 6-16 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Too bad I live on the West Coast.
  8. Just to prevent confusion...............all GA audience will receive wristbands splitting the total GA quantity between the two sides of the catwalk (North and South side). As previously mentioned, some venues (LA) hand out separate wristbands which will determine your place in line to enter the venue. Which by the way is a great way to manage that line. You can leave for the rest of the day but must be back before 5 (LA) to reclaim your spot. Even if you have number 1 and show up after 5, you will move to the end of the line. Once the venue opens, have your credit card handy, swipe, take
  9. Lost Card: had this experience somewhere else. Don't get in line. Go straight to Box Office. Bring printed receipt for back up but in my case they did accept the receipt I brought up on my phone. They will verify ID and then issue hard tickets. Can't Go: TM allows ticket transfer and even sale through their system. That may not apply to all but I would check anyway. Simple process.
  10. I believe the wristbands are provided the day of the show but hours before. The wristband is used for the queue for paperless ticket entry? At least that is my understanding. I will check with the venue directly but I thought I would ask to see if anyone had any experience with GA at TD Garden Thanks There were 2 separate wristbands in LA. If you lined up early, they started wristband distribution at 9 am the day of the show (500 were handed out for each show). That band was for your number in line, allowing you to leave. You had to be back before 5 pm to reclaim your spot in line. T
  11. Edge side in LA was South wrist bands. I didn't see anybody enforcing it though. Everyone entered through the same doors, free to roam thereafter.
  12. Its been flipped since the tour started. Just last week I looked at the seating chart and the stage was at the other end, now I'm almost behind it. Not to happy with the flip. Not flipped. You can pretty much assume that the main stage will always be where the 'delivery' entrance to the floor is. RZ appears to have been originally planned near the e-stage. So far everyone agrees that the move of the RZ was the only change. Which of course doesn't excuse the lack of information and incomplete layout schematics until now.
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