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  1. This. So much this. Give me a box set with the album, the b-sides/other songs, and two unreleased live shows, and I'll happily part with my money. But a live show we already have on DVD, and re-mixes? No thanks.
  2. I held off buying ATYCLB on vinyl for a while due to the rumored anniversary release. Now that I've seen the contents of the release...I bought the 2018 reissue from Amazon.
  3. My wife sent me this from Facebook. We cant make it until tomorrow afternoon so I can’t verify in person.
  4. I emailed the Wells Fargo Center to check on GA arrangements for Wednesday, below is their response - Patrons can start lining up at the South – West Doors, next to the Box Office facing D-Lot and or I-95 at 9am. We will not be wrist banding. Have a great day and enjoy the show!
  5. Looks like you are close to Broad Street. To get to the show, use the Broad Street subway line. Last stop is in parking lot of Wells Fargo Center. As far as parking goes..I'd use spothero or parkwhiz apps and see what garage has best daily rates.
  6. Not much near the Well Fargo. Best bet is to stay in center city Philly, near city hall. From there easy subway ride to the arena.
  7. I wonder, was there any restriction on re-sale when the tickets were purchased? If not, I wouldn't think it was right to cancel them. (And I say that really hoping they don't, because of ticket limits, I had to buy 4 on stubhub so my kids could go to the show and all sit together.)
  8. Hmm, I'm able to pull individual tix in the upppers for $41. Section 220 which might not be bad at all for that price. If I ask for a pair, I get offered $325 club level seats.
  9. Yes, you can buy 2 more. (I bought 2 in fan club, and 2 in citi presales.)
  10. Nice! When I tried at 10, I couldn't get GA. (Have 2 GA from Experience pre-sale, was trying for 2 more.)
  11. The confusion about the limits is frustrating. Wells Fargo customer service told me if I bought 2 tix in u2.com presale, I could only buy 2 more in the citi presale. So I did that, for fear of tickets being cancelled. But I see posts on this board or maybe another from users that bought 2 in u2.com presale, and 4 more in citi presale? That would have been perfect for me, but I didn't want to risk ending up with 0 tix after a cancellation for violating the rules. If I get a code for the general sale, can I use it? Who knows? (And I know I shouldn't complain, plenty of long time fans ended up with 0 tickets, so I'm in pretty good shape really.)
  12. I feel a little guilty about it, but experience pre-sale worked perfectly for me. Got code about 2hours before tix went on sale, had 2 GA for philly purchased by 10:03AM.
  13. Wells Fargo center support told me yesterday the max is 4 tickets per show. So I think 2 from u2.com presale, and 2 from citi presale would be kosher.
  14. I had a citi code today. Was trying for 2 GA in Philly, was in right at 9AM, none available. (On U2start.com a user reported getting GA for Philly today.) I have 2 GA from the Experience pre-sale, so its not the end of the world. But would have liked 2 more for either kids or friends.
  15. Yeah, I didn't. I contacted Well Fargo Center in Philly directly (they are selling the tix, not Ticketmaster) and asked about buying 4 more tickets. Their response was if I'm selected for Citi presale, I can buy 2 more tickets. (I was able to get 2 in U2.com presale today.) So total per show is 4 across all pre-sales, in case anyone was still wondering.
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