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  1. Anyone else have any issues with the actual discs for this ? Disc 1 is fine and sounds brilliant but Disc 2 is blank/broken/unwritten...just my feckin luck to get a banjaxxed disc. Waiting for the bloody An Post to deliver the thing since August,sat down last night with the Mrs to have a listen and a flashing red "Disc not inserted" error on multiple devices. I have the download for my phone but its a right kick in the nuts not being able to play it on my systems
  2. Ughhh , its really bad .Not to get all political but I just can't understand how so many people were duped. So many big companies over here with Irish websites but sending stuff via their UK warehouses ,loads of people needlessly being caught out with massive delays and crazy add on charges. Its bizarre however ,trying to order official merchandise for an Irish band ( that we've loaned to the world) and getting caught out for Brexit charges.Really hope they open a EU store soon , apart from the 25% thing , not being able to get the official Merch is a pain in the backside
  3. Hi folks , sorry if I've posted in the wrong place . Just wondering if there are any plans to move the UK shop over Brexit ? Currently Irish/EU fans have to buy Merch from the UK shop and apart from the astonishingly expensive UK postage prices ,as well as bloody Brexit adding all these Tax/Customs/Exise bills , its making purchasing from the official site completely crazy . The cost of the ATYCLB CD box was nuts after the visible postage charges were added ,along with the potential hidden Brexit related stuff , meant I ended up buying the Box in a Dublin store rather than the Official site .Loads of cool tees & stuff I was going to buy with my now useless 25% members discount is worthless now too once Brexit charges kick in Any plans to open a EU store ? Cheers
  4. This looks awesome, gonna be a big seller ...I have that picture on my bathroom wall too ;-) Our Q Legends: U2 special is out on Wednesday! It features classic interviews, rare and unseen photos, and a foreword by The Edge. You can buy your copy here: goo.gl/QDhBY5 As U2 prepare to embark on yet another sold-out tour of the world’s biggest venues, it seemed like the right time to revisit our escapades with them over the years. Q was only 10 issues old when we joined them on the road in 1987 and witnessed Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr’s group morphing from mildly successful rock band into the biggest group of the ’80s. And the ’90s. And so on. We’ve been there for their biggest triumphs and most epic follies, for the albums where they wobbled and the knockout tours that would follow. There’s also two extensive photo galleries where the band talk us through the images that chart their rise from teen wannabes to global superstars.
  5. Most foolproof way is for Governments to make it illegal for Ticketbastard & friends to do what they are doing
  6. Here's a few links for you guys .maybe a few more resident paddies will add to it https://www.ireland.com/en-us/ireland-stories/people-and-culture/articles/utwo-dublin/ http://www.bruxelles.ie/ One of the best bars in Dublin ..home of the wonderful Phil Lynott statue https://www.tripadvisor.ie/Attraction_Review-g186605-d605166-Reviews-The_Long_Hall-Dublin_County_Dublin.html One of the finest bars in the city...a must visit https://crokepark.ie/gaa-museum-tours/stadium-tour https://www.independent.ie/life/travel/ireland/u2s-dublin-10-iconic-landmarks-in-the-bands-home-city-35874720.html Also , if City Centre accommodation prices are proving too expensive ,Swords is just out past the airport and has a private express bus service that stops directly out side the Point Depot ( 3arena) quite regularly..may open up some cheaper options for you www.swordsexpress.com
  7. I really wish people would look at this properly before trotting out this "membership fans selling " myth .The numbers coming from fans are paltry , absolutely inconsequential in the scheme of things . Ticketmaster want people saying this , they are claiming it themselves (without providing proof) as they don't want presales for fans ..they want all the tickets ,not just 90% of them and the presales for fans piss them off ..face value for something they can sell for 7 or 800 and mark up their profit margins . As has been proven , 90% of these resale tickets come from themselves
  8. U2 , a Irish band (we've loaned to the world) , I REALLY don't think the original thread starter really thought out the thread title very well
  9. God ,this is a thoroughly depressing epitaph of a thread...The lads aren't even halfway through a tour and they've been retired ,split up and carted off to the rest home for the mega rich. Music is in their blood ,and Live music is their heartbeat. In a few months time I go to see a 74 year old Roger Waters in the Point Depot ,a 74 year old that is still writing , and creates tours to match U2 ,there is nothing preventing U2 doing the same .Lets face it ,with their back catalogue they'll never be short of material.personally I look forward to the Joshua Tree 50 ,just hope to hell I can get 4 GA's for the Croke park gigs
  10. Currently just gone 8pm in Dublin and there are 138 tickets for sale on seatwave ....thats where the tickets are going
  11. Dublin Joshue Tree Tour when some drunk idiot knocked a tray of beer out of my hand and all over me .A lad from Belfast stopped me from decking him and the Gardai & Stewards took the drunk fool out of the stadium...About 20 minutes later 2 Gardai came down to my seat with a try of beer for me .Was a incredible moment and everyone around me just looked on in complete shock.
  12. There's nothing in the venue until the 17th of November so there is nothing on the venue side preventing further gigs .Loads of rumours of more gigs but Its probably wishful thinking.
  13. That could well be the case , but how hard is it really to beat that process? A email address and a credit card .And as the link I posted shows , they are already doing that .Viagogo had a book of credit cards to purchase with , and a host of email addresses .Of course the other issue is the "Turkeys voting for Xmas" problem whereby those reporting on this are the same people that are causing this .They want the world to believe that greedy fans in fan clubs are the issue as it suits their agenda .Less pre-sales means bigger slice of tickets for them to fleece even more Wish bands would wake up to this and have a more direct input, its not as if they don't know ,they're all reading the same news as the rest of us
  14. Its a multi million pound/dollar/Euro industry and out of the control of bands and their management.The only thing that will stop it is legisalation
  15. Look at the expose BBC Panorama did on Viagogo ,getmein & ticketmaster a few years ago .It should still be available on iplayer .The Secondary seller tickets were mainly coming from their own offices and in some cases and events was policy . A simple button on seatwave forcing people to add the seat number when adding the ticket for realse would solve the whole mess
  16. Looks like a Ticketmaster screw up to me .Probably took too long adding their printed off tickets to Seatwave to deal with the actual sale .beyond frustrating and highly amateurish .I eventually got in at 9:36 and there was no GA standing available and I ended up panicking and just grabbing the first 2 I could get ..I'm beyond disgusted with MCD , Ticketbasturd and U2 . Not one of my mates got tickets , neither did my wife so it looks like my kids ( 12 & 9) won't be going which is going to break their hearts tonight Horrible way to treat their most loyal followers. 2018 , we can take photos of mars , explore the deepest oceans and clone animals but still not even close to a viable alternative to Ticketmaster ..feels like the world has failed
  17. Dammit , I got caught with this too ..ended up panicking and bought poxy Davin stand tickets ,as it kept trying to sell me subscriptions and 300 quid tickets ...in the end took Davin lower ...really annoyed that the pitch ones went back on sale 2 hours later
  18. BBC Watchdog dealt with this in 2014..they showed exactly whats happening with Livenation ,Ticketmaster ,Viagogo ,Seatwave and Stubhub http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3Sn9kz60SZPXy0g0qCy2zk8/second-hand-ticketing Ony way this will stop is if the bands stand against it ,otherwise it'll get worse and worse
  19. I encountered a few of the same type of fellas on the way back from the bar ...luckily being 6"4 and 16 Stone I was easily able to shove them out of the way ...met loads and loads of really nice people to make up for these type of eedgits though..was amazed just how many Non Irish were there last night ..usually at U2 gigs the crowd is so huge that I never really noticed it as much before but in The point things were so tight that I really noticed it ...and it was great ...Sent a few Spanish & Italian lads up to Bruxelles after the gig and met some americans and Brazilians in the Gibson afterwards too ..loads of "U2 in Dublin" bucketlist fans there
  20. Thought 3 would never be bettered but last night (4 ) just blew it out of the water ..Angel of Harlem ..wow.And the crowd were awesome Privileged to have been there
  21. Met some of them in the Gibson last night ...they were very subdued ,couldn't understand it myself .why miss the end of the show for a poxy stamp
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