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  1. 9 minutes ago, Popmartijn said:

    Is there also an option to any other language than Japanese? Or how did you manage to find the information to register yourself?


    Check to see if you have gotten your presale code email yet. There will be 2 links, one in Japanese and one in English. Those links will go live at time of presale. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Max Tsukino said:

    I forgot that very helpful trick (speaking first in the language so they know you are not from there, not being rude from a start) in a convenience store in Montreal and the girl behind the counter yelled at me for not speaking en francais... =(

    quarante quatre mille neuf cent soixante deux... =P

    44, 963 lol I remember that! Between trying to use my little bit of Spanish I know with you and little bit of French I remembered with the Montreal people, my mind was in overdrive. One of my uber drivers laughed at me bc I was speaking English, then he said something in French and I answered in Spanish. 🤪

  3. 2 hours ago, peterferris8 said:

    44959 - Had that exact language thing in Berlin. For some weird reason they can just tell you're not local. My dad would speak in German and whoever he was talking to responded in English! 😂



    3 minutes ago, padawanbeck84 said:

    44, 960 - Well, when people of other nationalities speak English, we can usually recognise where they're from by their accent, so presumably it works the opposite way too "Oh look, it's an English person trying to speak German..." At least we make the effort :)

    44, 961 That happened to us in Paris too. I think if you go in trying, they will accommodate you the best they can. We were behind some obnoxious American girls in a pastry shop and the shop guy said “bon jour” and one the girls did a little laugh and said, “uh, yeah, we don’t speak French. I want a croissant.” He was so rude to them after that and all I could think was “no wonder the French hate us” Then it was our turn and my husband politely said “bon jour” and proceeded to order in French and then the guy spoke back to us in English. 😂

  4. 21 hours ago, keyo32198 said:

    Instagram does nothing when you report these people! Nothing! They are still on Instagram scamming and threatening people. 

    Unfortunately we have no control over what Instagram chooses to do or not to do; and as these accounts are outside the realm of Zootopia, we can only offer suggestions as to how to handle them, ie unfollow and block. 

    As the other two said, I highly recommend reporting this latest incident to the authorities immediately. 

  5. 49 minutes ago, midwest1 said:

    Just updated my subscription.  Is there a way to buy subscribed exclusives (like U22) that happened in the past?

    Unfortunately, the only subscriber exclusives available at this time are U2 3-D and the yet to be released Innocence and Experience Live. 

  6. 6 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    Oh-has anyone seen the trailer for the movie, Yesterday?  It looks like it might be brilliant.  It has a fascinating premise.  I don't know where else to post this.  Does it pique anyone else with interest?  Who gets the idea of there being no Beatles?    I think it has a lot potential promise with a very good message.   

    Can’t wait to see it! It looks like it’s going to be really good. 

    To stay on topic, getting a new book to read. Hope to start it this evening. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Monkstown1 said:

    Downloaded the four tracks and I can play them on Quick Player. I saved them to iTunes and they're there but it won't allow me to play them. Anything I'm missing?

    Worked fine when I transferred mine. Maybe make sure iTunes is up to date and try again. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Sam B said:

    So I renewed my membership before the the announcement of the gift. My membership expires in may 2020 but it wont give me a link to download the subscriber songs and its asking me to renew my membership. 

    what gives? can i get the 2019 gift?


    You need to contact customer service via the help page and explain your situation. https://www.u2.com/help

  9. 4 hours ago, halcyondays93 said:

    My account expires on April 27, 2019.  When I last signed up it was to get the live Songs of Innocence and Experience package.  I feel like I should renew soon but there is no new gift announced.  What should I do?

    If your subscription expires this month, the last subscriber gift would have been U2 3D, as the Live Songs were not announced until November 2018. If you wish to receive the Live package, you would need to renew again now. 

  10. 7 hours ago, ddarroch said:

    Sure. I'll post it here.

    No disrespect to u2.com & Zootopia, but at this stage the best places to hear news of tour rumours are U2songs & u2start.



    @ddarroch, that’s why we have a folder call “U2 ‘Net News and Rumours”. You will see speculations around that may or may not be accurate and it’s fine for the fans to post those. But as for U2.com and the Zootopia moderators, we will only post information that is official.

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