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  1. That is something that you will find across the board for subscription radio channels. However, I recommend contacting SiriusXM directly to voice your concerns.
  2. My favorite song and video ever. I'm speechless! ❤️
  3. Please give it a little more time.
  4. I think I can speak for all of the moderators here. We do thoroughly enjoy bringing/sharing good news on the boards; but what we love more is the interaction with members of the community. Without you all here, we wouldn't be here. Starting this thread was not something I had to do, but something I chose to do. It is not my thread, it is not Max's or Bigwave's thread. The thread belongs to all of us here in Zootopia. It makes me happier to see people commenting on the videos and how much they love them than it does to actually post them. We are all on different time zones here, so if someone
  5. Check your confirmation email you received when you ordered. It’s possible that there may be an image on there.
  6. I think that was one if you look at the right side of the stage, directly under the lamp you can see side stage. (Photo credit to someone else, not mine) Here it is in one of my photos, right there at Bono. I can say that the floor was shaking like crazy and any video footage would have been highly affected by it. I remember somewhere between I Will Follow, Out of Control and Electric Co, the floor was shaking so much, my friend and I held on to each other to keep from falling. I remember thinking that if the floor collapsed, at least I was having the time of my life.
  7. This brings such joy to my heart. 💚
  8. Glad you found what you were looking for. 😀
  9. Sorry that you are confused. The renewal page clearly states what is with each package. STANDARD PACKAGE $40 SELECT 2021 U2.com Annual Subscription: 'U2 Live At The Apollo'. Limited edition live CD & download set from Harlem’s Apollo Theatre in June 2018. Featuring special guests, the 13-piece Sun Ra Arkestra. * First downloads and full tracklisting coming early 2021 Plus unique online content including exclusive editorial and video. 25% coupon for the U2.com shop. U2.com subscriber newsletters & opportunities to access special eve
  10. No worries. It took me a minute to find mine (apparently I had put it on the shelf with my tour programs). But yes, roughly 10 pages (20 if you count front and back), so not very thick.
  11. You are looking for this: Roughly the size of a vinyl record and it is a book that opens with the CDs inside the cover.
  12. We can’t answer why a particular video is not on the official U2 YouTube channel; however, as a subscriber, you can view it here: https://www.u2.com/media/player/98/8
  13. If you have a copy of the Berlin DVD, then you only need the Standard. The Premium subscription is the newly announced gift, plus the previous year’s gift.
  14. The only information we have is what was in the initial article. More information will be coming sometime in the new year.
  15. Wishing everyone peace and love this holiday season. 

  16. You did. https://www.u2.com/news/title/for-one-night-only-subscriber-offer/#
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