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  1. Beautiful music by beautiful people. Known by some in here as @MacFoley.
  2. That happens a lot around these parts. I had something in my eye earlier too.
  3. (((group hug))) Thanks to everyone that joined us each week. @Madfl3a, thank you for dreaming out loud and keeping this going. Stay safe everyone. This is not good-bye......
  4. Always will cause intense bouncing. Thought the floor was going to fall in at the Apollo during it.
  5. I can't remember if it was this or the Gloria video because both were on heavy rotation when we first got MTV, but they both got my attention. Now, I'm getting all emotional...
  6. Agreed. A Day Without Me is a song I'd love to hear live, but I just don't think it would work now as it did when he/they were younger.
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